Many students confuse movie critique writing with movie review writing; however, these assignments are rather different. Speaking in general, movie review requires the personal opinion of the writer, whereas a movie critique writer needs to analyze the movie from different perspectives. Moreover, writing a movie critique, the writer may also give some practical recommendations, which could help the director make the film better.

If you need some help with movie critique writing, you have found a good manual. We will provide you with the practical tips that will help you cope with the task successfully. We have conducted an in-depth research learning how to write a good movie critique and now we are ready to share our knowledge with you.


Writing a Good Movie Critique: How to Start

Movie critique writing requires proper understanding of the key movie techniques. Moreover, when composing a movie critique, the writer should point out to the aspects that make this movie truly outstanding.

Of course, to compose a good movie critique, you need to watch the movie, perhaps even more than once. When watching the movie, try to notice everything that can be used in writing your movie critique.

Common Guidelines

  • Choose a good movie. If your professor allows you to select the movie on your own, feel free to choose something that is truly interesting and intriguing. For instance, you can choose the film with the variety of topics.
  • Select the issue that you want to discuss in your paper. It can be the operator`s work, scenario, actors` play, the development of the particular topic, and many others. No need to write about everything because your essay will not be focused and coherent.
  • Watch the selected movie for the three times minimum. The first time is needed to get the general impression of the movie, the second time is needed to note the important aspects, and the third time is needed to check if all important aspects are noticed.
  • While watching the movie for the second and third times, feel free to make some notes;
  • Try to be as objective and specific as possible to reach the desired outcome.

Keep in mind that criticizing does not mean speaking negatively. When pointing out to some weak points or inconsistencies in the movie, the writer should not kill any desire to watch it. Even if you believe that the movie is a failure, try to present its objective evaluation.

Good Movie Critique

Check the good movie critique examples before writing your paper. We do not encourage you to copy-paste something from these movie critique templates since your professor will consider it as a plagiarism. However, you can use them for writing inspiration and boosting your imagination.

Moreover, to write an impressive movie critique, you need to proofread your final draft and fix all grammar and spelling mistakes. Of course, your professor will evaluate your paper mainly for its content, however, the obvious typos and grammatical errors will prevent you from getting the positive grade.

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