Abortion is probably one of the most debatable issues in modern society. It is a burning problem that has divided the whole world into two opposing camps. It is not a confrontation of religion and free choice but a war between life and death. While politicians and activists are fighting on the global stage, your essay against abortion will be a good contribution, as well. 

Let’s deal with terminology first. Abortion is an intentional termination of pregnancy, during which a doctor removes an embryo from the woman’s uterus. Time limits, during which abortion can be done differently from country to country. As a rule, manipulation is allowed before the viability stage, meaning before a fetus can survive outside the mother’s womb. It can be performed with the help of a few methods, and medication intake is considered the safest way to end a pregnancy. This method is rather gentle to women’s health; however, the moral and psychological consequences of such a decision stir up controversy.

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How to Prepare Why Abortion Is Wrong Essay

Like any other academic writing, this essay should have a clear structure and contain three main parts: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

  • Introduction

To grab the attention of the intended reader, your introduction should be interesting and informative. Use the first sentence as a hook. Begin with a quote, terrible abortion statistics, or a dramatic example. Then, provide a broad context. It might be beneficial to explain the terms. You can find different definitions of abortion in various dictionaries and encyclopedias. Choose the one that will fit your paper best. Outline what argument you will discuss in the body and finish this part with a good thesis statement.

  • Body Paragraphs

To prepare a good essay against abortion, you should provide strong arguments and present them clearly. 

It will be much easier to organize the paper if you use well-structured paragraphs. Therefore, it will be a sound idea to discuss each argument in a separate one. Introduce it in a topic sentence, explain it in detail in supportive sentences, and only then move to the next argument in a new paragraph. Find a list of possible thesis statements:

  1. Abortion is detrimental to the reproductive health of a woman.
  2. A fetus is a human being that has the right to life.
  3. Abortion exposes a woman to immense psychological suffering. 
  4. Abortion is against the principles of feminism since it allows men to avoid taking responsibility.

You can also talk about different methods of abortion and the possible consequences of each to a woman’s health and society as a whole. In this case, you will have to describe surgical and medical procedures in detail and compare and contrast their effects with a special focus on associated risks.

In a good abortion argumentative essay, you will also have to present the pro-abortion side of the argument, which mainly appeals to the right of a woman to choice and autonomy. According to this viewpoint, abortion can be justified in case of an important personal or medical reason. Personal reasons include financial instability, complicated relationships with the partner, rape-caused pregnancies, and general unwillingness to become a parent. Medical reasons include any risks to the health of a mother or serious genetic disorders of the fetus. In the end, you have to refute those pro-choice claims and get back to your pro-life thesis.

  • Conclusion 

The conclusion is supposed to summarize all points discussed in the essay. After restarting your thesis, you will answer the question, “So what?” You can use a rhetorical question at the beginning of the conclusive paragraph. For example, ask your reader, “Isn’t abortion a crime against humanity?” or “Since when is it ok to kill a human being?” 

In the next sentence, you can rephrase your thesis in light of the discussed arguments. Finally, your paper has to provide recommendations or offer a viable solution to the problem. You can find a sample essay prepared by our professional writers in the example section.

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Why Abortion Should Be Illegal Essay

To persuade the reader that abortion is a crime that cannot be tolerated, you can use the following arguments:

  1. Abortion is a murder of a helpless human being.
  2. Life begins at fertilization; therefore, killing an unborn child is a homicide. 
  3. A fetus suffers a lot during an abortion; therefore, it is an act of violence. 
  4. Abortion is against God’s law. 
  5. Abortion has serious psychological implications.
  6. Undesirable but not-aborted children can be adopted by families that cannot have their kids. 
  7. Aborting embryos with developmental abnormalities is discrimination because of physical features.
  8. Abortion cannot be used as a method of contraception.
  9. Pregnancy is the responsibility of both partners.
  10. Abortion is against the Hippocratic Oath.
  11. Abortion devalues human life.
  12. According to the recent statistics, African-American women do abortions more often than White women; therefore, it causes disproportion in society.
  13. Abortion is immoral.
  14. Abortion may seriously affect the reproduction system of a woman so that she will not be able to give birth to a child in the future.

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On the one hand, writing an essay on abortion does not require much effort since it is a burning issue with plenty of information and research. On the other hand, finding a fresh view might cause you some difficulties. However, if you follow instructions and carefully address each element, you will develop a worthy paper. However, if you need professional help, you can contact our experts right away.

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