Working on the article review, you should clearly understand what you are doing. The main problem people usually face when writing article reviews is that they do not understand what the task presupposes. Article review is a comprehensive summary of the information it contains with the purpose to give a reader an opportunity to check what the article is about without reading it and to consider some personal judgments and opinions about the piece. It is important that apart from stating personal opinion, an article review should contain the summary of the data any subjective judgments. You should make sure that you do not express your vision of what the article is about, but you also apply the reasonable support of your opinion, which can be justified with the facts and systematic analysis. You may conclude the article review with implications for practice and research, which will also show that you have studied the issue apart from writing personal vision of what the article is about. Working on the best article, you need to follow these steps to make the process enjoyable and the outcome impressive. 


Steps for Writing an Article Review 

  • Step 1. Article Preview

Before reading the article to understand its content, you need to have a fast look on the article structure. Usually, the article has headings and subheadings. You should pay attention to them and try to develop some short outline, what you predict to read and write about. Even if you have an article without any divisions with the headings, you may check the first sentences of the paragraphs to see the main points, discussed in the article. It will help you remain organized while reading the whole piece. 

  • Step 2. Read the Article

This stage will involve the article reading. Read the article and make notes of what you consider the most interesting and exciting, for you personally. Then, read the article again and crate a plan of what the article is about. These notes will help you make the summary of the article and later provide your personal opinion about it.  While reading the article, you should remember that you will have to discuss it later. So, you will need to note the purpose of the article, its strengths and weaknesses, gaps and outcomes. Pay attention to the presence of absence of the abstract, the clarity of the introduction. The references are also important as they may help you understand the deepness of the research.  

  • Step 3. Retell the Content

Article retelling is an important stage. You should use the outline you created during the previous stage. Make sure that you retell the article from the position of the author, not your position. This stage will help you understand better what the article is about and to construct a better opinion of what you think about its content. In other words, you need to paraphrase the information you have read. After retelling, you should create an outline, the one you will use while writing. Since you are preparing an article review, you should include in the outline the main points of the article content, the purpose of the article and the final outcome, your opinion about the article and justifications why you think in this or that way. This is a sample of the outline and you may develop the one you want. Just remember, the article review has some limits in the word count and you should cover the most important aspects only. No need to rewrite the article word for word. 

  • Step 4. Write Your Article Review

This is the most important part of your work since you have to write the article review itself. For the first time, you should use the outline you created about the article content. After you summarize the information, you should read what you have written. Now, it is high time to use the notes you took about your opinion. Using the notes you created while you read the article, you should provide your opinion about the paper. You cannot simply write that the article is good or bad, you have to make reasonable statements and justify your opinion. Using bare opinion without justification is not a good idea as in this case your article will be weak. Remember, that each interpretation of the information must be confirmed. Only in this case your writing will be strong and valued by the audience. It can be a good idea to refer to some sources to support your writing. This information will help you get approval from other authorities, which is a good point to your review. You may use the following questions as the guide for writing your paper. Maybe they will be helpful.

  1. What provoked the author for writing an article?
  2. What concepts or hypotheses did the author use?
  3. What evidence did the author use?
  4. What literature and prior research were used in the article?
  5. How can the findings of the article be implemented in other research? 

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  • Step 5. Proofread and Edit Your Paper

You must read the article again after you will complete it. It is better to do it in a day or two. Usually, some days should pass for the writer to see personal mistakes and to be able to assess the paper from another angle. To make sure that your paper is ideal, you may use the following checklist: 

  1. Do your paragraphs discuss specific valuable points?
  2. Is the topic clearly explained?
  3. Do you have an argument?
  4. Is your paper logical?
  5. Is your paper perfectly structured?
  6. Have you managed to justify your opinion?
  7. Are you satisfied with your writing?
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