If you are a student of an undergraduate, Master’s or Ph.D. levels, you are most likely forced to write a dissertation or thesis that present the research of your own design. One of the chapters you will have to work on and that defines the success of the overall paper, is methodology.

What Is a Dissertation Methodology?

A specific section that presents all the scientific approaches used to carry out the research, explains the source of the information and techniques you have used to gather the data is called dissertation methodology. In other words, from reading this sector, any other person should be able to compose the list of methods you have used.


You are not obliged to provide every poll, questionnaire or interview that you have carried out into this section; however, you can bring our samples, and include an empty sample into an appendix. You may focus should be why have you chosen specific approach to work on the certain research problem.

The Scientific Approach of the Dissertation Methodology

Like with any other research project, you need to introduce the subject/object. Phenomena you are going to study and convey the readers that the scope of methods you have chosen is the best way to do it. Make sure to cover all the important aspects, including primary and secondary research, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis.

One of the problems with dissertation methodology is that simply list the methods is not enough. You have explained how the methods you have chosen serve the purpose and help you achieve the goal. For example, you might say that a secondary research that used interviews with open-end questions helped you broaden the understanding of the primary research where ‘yes/no’ questions where used, by providing an explanation of the context.

Dissertation methodology writing

Writing a Dissertation Methodology

  • Before you even carry out your analysis, make sure to consult with your supervisor in order to clarify the requirements.

In some cases, you may find out that your area of expertise requires specific approach or you may need to add more information in this section if a particular approach is chosen.

  • Do a little research on methods you can use.

It may sound boring and useless, however looking at some resources, you may find out that there are other ways to approach your study, along with some new methods you might use.

  • Draft your ideas.

In the process, make sure to write down all the ideas you come up with. Then, choose those that are the most appropriate to your research and create a plan for you methodology chapter. Once you do that, you are good to go with the writing itself.

How Long Should Your Dissertation Methodology Be?

Please remember, that the length of each part of your thesis or dissertation is measured in percent in relation the overall word count. What does it mean? Let us assume your dissertation should be 20 000 words. Your methodology chapter shall be 15% of your words, meaning it will have to be 3000 words. Here at EssaysLab.com, we count 1 page as 300 words, so if you decide to place an order, opt for 10 pages.

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