An interview with an interesting person may be a truly fascinating process. People adore watching the interviews with the celebrities learning more about their career and personal life. However, not all people realize that on the opposite side of any fascinating interview is the process of dull writing. Interview writing can be both interesting and daunting task at the same time. However, possessing excellent writing skills, an interview writer can create interesting and thought-provoking questions.

Indeed, a good interview requires much time and efforts. It can easily end up with the failure if the interviewee has nothing interesting to say and the interviewer asks wrong questions. In rare cases, the interview may be poorly presented to the audience. If you want to make your interview appealing, intriguing, and thought provoking, feel free to read a few useful secrets gathered by the skilled and professional interview writers.


How to Create a Perfect Interview Essay?

Writing interview paper is an art and the interview writer is an artist, who has to please the reader by the language, as well as the correct organization of the thoughts and ideas. You cannot just throw all your sentences to the audience and hope that your readers will understand what you are going to say. As such, interview writing requires the careful interview planning. You have to understand all the important steps of writing an effective interview. As such, when writing an interview, feel free to keep in mind the following suggestions:

  • Follow your purpose

We assure you that one cannot do any task successfully if it is meaningless. It means, in order to write your interview well, you HAVE to fully realize its purpose. We assure you that following the directions fully depends on the clear understanding of the purpose. In most cases, you will be writing an interview to learn more about the personality of the particular individual and demonstrate this individual to the audience. For instance, you may inform your classmates how smart and intelligent your dad is, how funny and reliable your best friend is, or how competent and professional your colleague is. Most probably, you will want to demonstrate the strengths and advantages of the interviewee. As such, following this purpose, you will have to analyze his/her personality from different angles.

  • Know your audience

Knowing the target audience is the fundamental step towards reaching the goal. As such, knowing what your target audience is, you will be able to select the right tone. For instance, if you are writing an interview for your classmates, you can insert some jokes, jargons, metaphors, etc. However, if you are writing an official interview, your tone should be formal. It does not mean that your writing should be dry, but you have to be more careful about choosing the literary devices.

  • A good interview is essential for a good interview essay

In order to write a good interview essay, you have to conduct the interview successfully.

Prepare for the interview

Asking the open questions, you will enable the interviewee to reflect on some issues and events that influenced him/her. Asking these questions, you will understand how the person feels about the particular things. Perhaps, there was some challenges and struggles in the life of the interviewing person. If he/she can talk about it, feel free to ask what lessons this person received from the previous experiences.

  • During the interview

An interview is an important process in which you have to be particularly attentive and make some notes. We assure you that believing that you will be able to reproduce everything that the person says with the help of your memory, you are wrong. These notes will help you organize your thoughts in the logical flow. In addition, under the permission of the interviewing person, you can record the interview.

Respect the interviewee and do not interrupt this person when he/she is talking.

  • After the interview

Look through the notes and important quotes and they will help you organize your essay well. We assure you that the quotes noted will help you establish the dominant impression on the individual.

Write a short outline of your ideas. Keep in mind that your outline should follow the standard format with the introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Writing a Rough Draft

As it was mentioned previously, any interview essay usually follows the structure of the ordinary essay and consists of an introduction, body, and a conclusion. However, when writing these three parts, keep in mind the peculiarities of the interview essay.

  • Introduction

In order to catch the attention of your reader, you have to begin with an interesting statement, a thought-provoking opinion, or an interesting quote from the interviewing person. This step is necessary to make the impression on your target audience so that it wants to read the whole essay. Write a specific thesis statement. As you may know, a thesis statement serves as the main focus of the essay, and an interview essay is not an exception. Keep in mind that if you want to emphasize the kindness/leadership qualities/honesty of the interviewing person, your thesis statement should reflect this.

  • Main body

Your main body should help your readers understand your interviewing person better. Organize your thoughts into the logical order paying attention to the answers of the interviewee. Keep in mind that the main body should be related to the thesis statement. It means that if you are trying to tell about the kindness/leadership qualities/honesty, you have to tell about some situations, in which these qualities were revealed.

  • – Conclusion

Summarize your essay. Restate the key ideas and leave the readers with the clear impression about the person.

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