One of the things that make online or distant education so great yet so challenging is college discussion. Universities and schools are paying attention to online discussions even in terms of regular studying process, making students participate in weekly discussions, Sometimes students may feel overwhelmed because of the amount of work they have to do in order to create one simple post. So this article will help you find out how to create a good discussion post.

Your post should be insightful, yet not pointing every single fact you found in your textbook.  Choose one idea and make it work.


How to Post on Blackboard Discussion Board?

If your school is using Blackboard as a forum for online discussions, it is extremely easy to navigate. Other platforms share similar technology and functionality, so you should look for similar options.

Open the discussion you are supposed to participate in. You will receive an email notification providing all the necessary details about the discussion, including the direct link to it.

The first post in the discussion will be the question from your professor and below there is a Reply button. This will create a response field where you paste your text. The page will automatically expand below other posts, so you will be able to see what your classmates have written. You can also attach any files if foreseen by instruction or for longer text related to referencing. Please, pay attention to the fact that files you upload from your computer are not saved in Content of the discussion.

Choose Save Draft for future editing and working on your post or Submit for publishing your post into the general thread.

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How to Comment on Discussion Boards?

In order to keep the discussion alive, you may need to ask questions and comment on the responses from other students. First, most discussion boards allow you to rate specific post, so if you think someone made a great point, make sure to rate the most with 5 stars. This will help you create positive and aspiring atmosphere and this way people are more likely to return the favor of grading, as well as post a positive comment to you.

If you would like to address to a certain person, you may need to use Quote button and edit the part of the post you have questions about. If you have a question that is not directly related to the topic of the specific post, make sure to send an e-mail to the author via a special button located next to the Quote. This way you will be able to define any information or inquiries and keep the discussion close to the subject.

Online Discussion Board Best Practices

Many students experience troubles with writing discussion posts just because they are not aware of the simple rules of discussion etiquette. These rules include:

  1. Stick to the word limit. If you have to add a long piece of information, use files to upload them;
  2. This is a place for peer review, not the peer pressure, so keep thins formal, yet friendly;
  3. Try to make your comments less emotional and more appealing to facts;
  4. Let other members contribute to the discussion by creating open-end questions, as well as answering the questions in the posts;
  5. Every discussion has a purpose of learning, so try to avoid things that may distract others;
  6. Pay great attention to your profile: upload your avatar, choose your nickname properly and avoid anything ridiculous in descriptions.
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Benefits of Discussion Boards in Online Learning

While this type of writing has penetrated into the regular study process, it was originally used for online education as it helps develop communication skills and gives students space to express their ideas, hold scholarly discussions. Students also have their writings assignments less daunting and more engaging.

This type of assignment also helps students develop both analytical thinking and attention to details. Many studies have proved that discussion boards for students help achieve better results and learn the material easier.

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