When you are a student, you will almost certainly be assigned Excel Exercises. On the surface, you might be thinking that plugging some numbers into cells is an easy task…until you actually realize that Excel is a highly complicated program. A lot of students who are working on their projects quickly discover this and write us with the message, “Do my Excel Exercises for me!” They hire our professional experts to complete their homework and projects for them. Why not join the thousands of satisfied customers by receiving help with excel assignments?

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Get Premium Excel Exercises Homework Help for Students

Do you have to work on your Excel project but you lack appropriate skills? Are you searching for professional Excel homework help? Are you willing to improve your Excel competence? We have prepared a list of helpful Excel tips and tricks that will help you boost your writing proficiency. Follow our suggestions and improve your skills!

Creating Pivot Tables

When it comes to Excel homework for beginners, the students should realize that creating pivot tables is one of the most powerful Excel tools. Such a function is particularly effective for organizing big data sets as it is the best way to analyze, summarize, and explore the data. It should be noted that pivot tables do not use any formula. So, let`s find out how to do it right. Go to Insert > Pivot Table and choose your data range. A window slides will open on the right where you will choose your fields in the top half of the sidebar and select the table in the bottom half.

A Useful tip: With the recommended PivotTable option feature, Excel suggests layouts based on the data provided. If you are a beginner in creating pivot tables, this Excel homework help can be very efficient.

Sorting and Filtering Data

Whereas you need to examine the big sets of data, you probably want to avoid the routine work and get some Excel homework help. You could, for instance, look at data fitting into certain criteria or pattern and this is where you will need filters. Filters are usually added to each column, making it easier for you to figure out the cells you want to view. When it comes to sorting data, you may sort the rows alphabetically or input. This function is an essential Excel skill and will be helpful for sorting and arranging data the way you would like to see it.

Use of the IF Statement

You may be surprised, but Excel may help you do conditional computations. The IF statement is a conditional statement that is very helpful for a user. For example, the user may want some information to appear only when a certain piece of information appears in another cell he/she had specified. 

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If you have mistakenly named your columns and rows or vice versa, and you want to find a way to correct this mistake, you can simply use the transpose feature, and your spreadsheet will be set properly.

Combining Cells Using the “&” Sign

As for additional help with excel homework, you should know that the Excel program also makes it easy for the user to combine cells, which have different data. For instance, you may have a column for first names and another column for last names. By using the “&” sign, you can combine the first names and last names and create a new column. This feature is quite useful and one should know how to use it.


We highly recommend you to learn more about this Excel function because it is a significant time-saver for an average user. Excel program notices patterns used in your dataset and completes the rest automatically. For example, if you want to include only even numbers up to 100, you can begin with inserting 2, 4, 6, and 8 into cells, shifting over the bottom right of your data selection, and dragging downwards until you have the data you need.

Dollar Signs

You should use dollar signs in a specific formula in order to make sure that a certain column and row are the same, even if you decide to copy and paste this formula into other cells. As such, dollar signs allow you to change your Excel formula from relative to absolute. To apply this change, simply add dollar signs before and after the row and column values, such as follows: from (=A3+C3) to (=$A$3+$C$3).

Recommended Charts

The recently added Recommended Charts feature allows the user to create a chart that is just right for his or her data. This feature saves a lot of time so one doesn`t have to test out every chart before picking the best one.

We assure you that although our suggestions will help you cope with the accounting Excel homework or any other Excel assignment, there are many more features that should be examined thoroughly if you want to boost your Excel proficiency. If you take care of your academic reputation and want your Excel assignment to be completed on the highest level, you should be very diligent and attentive to details. All in all, applying a professional approach, you will be able to cope with various excel exercises for students.

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Academic Support

Thousands of students who are facing tight deadlines write, “Please do my Excel Exercises right now!” If you are concerned because you have no idea how to use all of those complicated Excel features, our professionals would be happy to create the various tables and crush those data sets. We can provide insight and analysis that is sure to impress your professor. We understand that you might find Excel to be an intimidating program, which is why we are here to help!

Graduate-level Research

If you are pursuing a Master’s or PhD, you will almost certainly need to familiarize yourself with all of Excel’s features. This is especially true when you are completing research papers that require gathering data and assessing empirical results. Our writers have the expertise to write impressive reports, collecting the necessary data, organizing data sets into tables, and providing analysis. At this stage, your instructor or advisor will definitely have high expectations. If you are concerned about your Excel inadequacies, EssaysLab.com provides the ideal solution.

Aside from providing you with made-from-scratch research papers and dissertations, our experts can also guide you as you work on the papers yourself. For instance, if you have collected the data but aren’t sure how to crunch the numbers in a meaningful way, you can entrust this to the professionals at EssaysLab.com. In essence, whatever we can do from the Excel end to contribute to your success as you work on your paper, we will be happy to help.

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Business Services

While the bulk of our orders come from college students and graduate-level researchers, we are also pleased to offer our assistance to businesses and organizations. In today’s business world, understanding how to use Excel in order to target your objectives and maximize your goals is a must. We can put together organizational tables and staff work schedules. We can also create custom tables that allow your firm to budget your expenditures appropriately, track sales whether on an annual, monthly, weekly or daily basis, and help you discover other effective ways to monitor your organization’s performance.

Whether you are a struggling student, a high-achieving 5th year PhD candidate or a successful business manager who needs help with Excel projects, you can definitely count on the experts at EssaysLab.com. Ordering our products is easy, our Excel services are affordable, and our friendly customer care agents are available 24/7 to answer any questions and put your mind at ease. Why struggle to complete your Excel projects when you don’t have the proper knowledge nor the time? Count on EssaysLab.com to provide you with all of your Excel needs today! We are ready to take your order and get started!

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