A memo or a business memorandum is a piece of writing needed for proper internal communication between the departments or between the authorities and staff members. This formal or semi-formal means is seldom aimed at using for the public or clients. In fact, it is a short letter sent either as an e-mail attachment (for less formal communication) or a printed-out message (for formal letters) with the letterhead of the company.


There can be different purposes of the memos, depending on the target audience. In any case, memo writing help services can be of great use if professional assistance is needed.

  • Sharing the news

One of the reasons why the memos are sent is keeping the staff of the entire company or a specific department informed about some events or the latest changes in corporate regulations. Memos can also share the updates about new partnerships, promotions or vacancies with particular details about the role of every person. They can include particular announcements for everybody to know about them. It is also a good way to make the employees aware of the project schedules or the newly introduced products and services of the company.

  • Addressing the issue

A memo can be issued by a company to address a certain problem which has recently appeared. A professional memo then has to present all the details collected via the investigation taken and the level at which the problem has been addressed so far. There can be a wide range of problems to be addressed: absence of an employee, tardiness, violated procedures, client dissatisfaction, issues with the office etiquette, etc.

  • Making requests

Memos may be sent in the companies to make requests and call for the employees’ attendance at the event or meetings, cooperation in a project team, amendments in the work procedures, and so on. A memo with a request frequently comprises strict recommendations to implement a specific action. Besides, it can point out the potential benefits obtained from the actions and hazards if the actions are not taken. For instance, the employees may receive a request from the operations department to follow the schedules for the project.

  • Giving feedback

One example of a memo presents this letter with the feedback on the services, programs, or products of the company. Thus, the employees learn about the reaction of the clients and employers on their work. For instance, the workers of a quality control department need the information about the value of the product for the first-time customers. Likewise, a department-wide survey may be followed-up with a memo sent by HR managers to employees.

A memo is an indispensable means if it is important to spread certain news around the company workplace. The updates can deal with the new regulations in the company policy, response to particular situations, calling the staff to action, or giving broad feedback to the departments. It is a must for a memo to be straightforward, concise, and clear.

Memos: How to Make Them More Professional

Great Ideas for Weekly Employee Memos

The companies always have some updates for the staff; so, it is an amazing idea to make memo announcements weekly and then summarize everything in a monthly corporate newsletter. However, you will need professional memo writing help for the communications not to be omitted or unread by the staff. It is a common problem when the employees look through the message and forget about the date, time, and place of an event. They may even miss the deadline of the project because or ignore a meeting. Invent some new approaches to sending memos and help your staff notice important information and react to it.

Jokes and Quotes

Make your employees inspired with a quote. Give them a good laugh. Put the beginning of a joke in the first lines of the memo and then finish it somewhere in the middle of the text to capture the readers’ attention. It is wrong to cram the letter with lots of quotations from famous writers or politicians. Quote somebody from the staff and play a guessing game for the people to recognize their team member. Be careful because some phrases may be embarrassing or even offensive for some employees. Use some self-irony to poke fun at your own little slips. In general, make the letter inspirational and funny. 

Reward for Time Spent on Reading

The staff will read the memo from the very beginning to the very end if they get certain reward for that. You can place a company logo somewhere in the text or make one of the names written in italics as a task for the employees to trace this and claim for reward. The first four or five people who notice the sign can send an email to struggle for the prize. You can also offer a reward for those who can see an obvious error in the memo and report it. One more funny activity is to add a few key words and ask the staff to circle those words in the memo itself.


If you have a look at the memo writing samples, you will see that they are very typical and commonplace. Make an intriguing package instead and turn the process of getting a weekly memo into a game. Fit the memo into a box of Chinese takeaway food or inside a little box full of bubble peanuts. The staff will enjoy the package even more if the topic corresponds to the content of the memo. If you address the issue of cleanliness in the rest rooms, use a paper towel instead of office paper.

Attachment to a Particular Item

A small gift is a perfect way to start the day. If you attach a flower to a memo addressed to female employees, use a coffee cup as a place for a rolled memo, or wrap the letter around a pencil, it will definitely be remembered. 

Delivery Matters

Will you ever forget a memo if it is delivered by a leprechaun? For sure, you will not. If a person in a seasonal costume hands the memos personally, the workers will pay close attention to the text.

Memo Writing Sample for Free

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