One’s college record, whether undergraduate or graduate, exists for a lifetime, and much of this record is the result of performance on essays, research papers, theses, and, in the case of a doctorate, the dissertation. It stands to reason, therefore, that you will want to be certain that all of your written work is of clearly superior standard. When you decide to use writing assistance to meet your needs, you have to be assured that our service provides excellence, dependability, and quality guidance.

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When exploring the difference between us and the rest of writing services, please think carefully about the criteria you consider to select a service. The following points are to be considered:


EssaysLab is dedicated to providing both superior customer service and clearly superior written works. We stand by our reputation and our history of professionalism in providing our clients with the best writings ever. We support each assignment with rigorous customer service, available 24/7, assigning writers who are experts within the specific academic area and have great skills of organization and composition. Each individual work is completed according to the client’s specifications, with continual communication between writer and client, and customer service available to address any questions, concerns, or issues. Furthermore, we provide a guarantee that none of the products will fail to meet the required specifications. We are always happy when satisfied customers are adding their comments or testimonials after getting high quality writings from 


At EssaysLab, you can control the writing process from the beginning to the end. While placing an order, you should give detailed specifications, requirements, resources, and research criteria. You may communicate with your assigned writer at any time in the process and contact our customer service specialists with any issue, concern or problem. You can also be assured that your writer will communicate with you throughout the process, to insure that the finished product will meet your requirements. Once the final product is delivered to you, you have a right to request a FREE revision if your writer did not follow original instructions. You are welcome to make a free revision request within 2 days after the deadline expiration.

Past Performance Indicates Future Success

The best recommendation for our services is the fact that our clients return to us again and again for all of their writing needs. They do so because our services offer the following, without any exception:

Writing Project Assistance:

If you are writing an essay, thesis, or dissertation, you may order formatting, editing or proofreading of your work. Moreover, we can perform paper rewriting according to your requirements.

Outline Structure:

If you have a formidable assignment, we can provide you an outline for the structure and organization of your work.


We provide outstanding research for any one in need of this service. Moreover, if you contact us to complete the entire work, you can be sure that the research conducted in the completion of this assignment will be clearly superior and academically sound.

Flawless Construction:

Our writers are superior in every way. Your paper will have no grammatical, vocabulary, punctuation or spelling errors – guaranteed.

Excellence of Product:

From research and organization to construction, every work produced meets our high standards of excellence. Each work is thoroughly reviewed by editorial staff, rigorously checked for originality, and made up to the client’s specifications.

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How We Begin

Each assignment begins with you, the client. You determine the type of services, the requirements, the timeline, and any research parameters you require. We adapt to your needs and schedule, without any exception. 

The Supremacy of Your Instructions

To be successful, we MUST meet the guidelines of our clients, and you can be assured that we will not deviate from your instructions. You may communicate with our customer support team at any time, day or night. Your writer will provide timely answers to all your questions. If you want to get updates regarding order progress, get in touch with our support team or contact your writer through our inside messaging system.

Every writer reads the client’s instructions thoroughly prior to beginning the work on a project. If that writer has any questions, you will be contacted immediately. 

You can always contact your writer for possible clarifications. We will highly appreciate if you could leave feedback on writer’s work. Customers’ comments help us improve the efficiency of our work. 

Superior Writing

Our writers come from colleges and universities throughout the world, and all have both degrees in academic areas and superior writing skills. They have a wealth of writing experience and use that experience to provide authentic, well-written and academically sound works, worthy of the best of grades or scores. 

To Sum It Up

We understand the importance of written work to a student’s academic success. Whatever the specific requirements are, whatever your deadline is, whatever research is to be completed, you can be certain you will receive a finished product that exceeds your expectations. Each project is treated as unique by our staff of the best writers ever. This is our promise and our guarantee. No other writing service can equal our service and quality.