Discursive Writing: Hidden Hazards and Useful Clues

An essay composed in the discursive writing style is supposed to present certain arguments. The aim of the author is to motivate the readers to discuss the raised topics from different perspectives. Typically, this essay is similar to persuasive and argumentative types, although it also has several important specific features.

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If you have to write a discursive essay, your task is to present a number of opinions on the same subject. Studying the variety of approaches, you have to emphasize the value of your own point of view. The key distinctive feature of a discursive essay as contrasted to a persuasive and argumentative ones is that you are not expected to present valid evidence to support your opinion; your view of the problem is sufficient.

What You Should Do

You have to get the discourse active by choosing a topic to develop. Furthermore, you have to conduct thorough analysis of your opponents’ and supporters’ views. On careful study of what they say and believe, you have to start choosing those elements and aspects which cause controversies and debates on the raised issues.

Note that although the evidence is not regarded as an obligatory part of this type of writing, it still can be included in the paper. If you have supportive arguments for your position, your opinion gets much more enhanced and your readers will feel convinced with your efforts.

What You Should Not Do

It may seem that it is a child’s play to write a good essay, but there are a lot of hidden pitfalls one should be aware of. Rule number one is not to be too pushy or rude in an essay. On the contrary, the readers should feel that the author has a wide outlook and is both tolerant and polite. When you argue, you must not disrespect your opponents or show that you do not tolerate their opinions.

In general, stating your opinion is enough in a discursive essay. You are not expected to start political debates and present dozens of striking facts and contradictory things to discuss. You should not sound as if you hate your opponents. The truth can be born in a fair dispute, but too much pressure or passion does not work in this case.

Purpose of Writing Discursive Essays

Let us first discuss about what a discursive-essay actually is. A perfect discursive-essay can be defined as a sketch by which the writer presents discussions regarding different problems. You must select an interesting and enigmatic topic for your discursive-essay. This is the only way of attracting the readers, as if you don’t have readers, there is no worth of writing such essays.

Writing discursive-essay that do not have any reader is nothing but wastage of time.

Discursive Essay Types

There are numerous types of discursive essays. Some essays are comprised of discussion based on the merits and demerits of a certain event. For instance your topic for discursive-essay can be death penalty. You must include arguments supporting and opposing this issue. It is always better if all your opinions come with proper justifications.

A discursive-essay may also be written based on a specific point of view of a person. Generally these essays are written about opinions of famous scientists and researchers. You will not need to include any discussion in such essays, only opinions from the great scientists and researchers are enough for these discursive-essays.

The last kind of discursive-essay is the ones comprising of any particular problem and the solutions to it. You will need to include a few ways of resolving the problem. Presenting details like how were similar problems dealt with in the past can be a plus for your essay.

Building a Perfect Discursive Essay

All discursive-essays should follow a strict structural rule. The essay should start with an introduction of the topic of discussion. The introduction must be brief and clear and must be written in simple sentences.

Then you must start the body of your discussion. The type of points to be discussed will depend on the kind of discursive-essay you have chosen. The conclusion of you essay must contain the consequences produced by the discussion.

To-do list to facilitate the process of discursive writing

Some Useful Advice

Now, let us put light on some vital points about writing the discursive-essays. Showing your own point of view is not good for the discursive-essays. It would be much better if you can add some quotations of great personalities and include examples from their lives. You can mention the opinions of scientists on the subject of your essay. However, while putting your own opinion on paper, never forget to add facts to support them.

Never make use of emotional and informal language in your discursive-essays. Familiar language is not allowed while writing these essays. You should only follow the impersonal style of writing.

The above discussion must be enough for you for writing a perfect discursive-essay. Follow all the guidelines provided here; you will surely succeed in impressing your readers.

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