What Makes Good Speech Writing?

Whenever you are addressing an audience during an important event, good speech writing is essential. The fact is that most people do not have the skills to put together a proper speech. As a result, they often end up embarrassing themselves in front of a whole lot of people. Good speech writing is far different from writing an essay assignment. As you write a speech, you have to take into consideration the kind of body language that the presenter needs to use, the right pauses, and when to use intonation and pitch in order to convey the message properly. In some cases the speech is intended to persuade the audience to support your position. In other cases, you need to providing a memorable speech on a particular person’s important day, such as a wedding or graduation. You might feel inspired, but there are times when it takes more than inspiration to move the audience.


The process of speech writing can get tricky because every type of speech is different and therefore needs to be tailored accordingly. For instance, you might be asked to give a simple and brief 2-minute speech to honor a colleague who is retiring. On the other hand, there are situations in which you will be standing in front of an audience and speaking for a full 30 minutes! In addition, as with every type of writing, there are many different purposes of a speech. This is why it is important to seek out specific speech writing tips that focus on the particular kind of speech that you are giving. 

It goes without saying that your objective will vary greatly depending on which of these speeches you have been assigned. For example, if your goal is to persuade people, you will want to appeal to their ethos, pathos and logos. On the other hand, an informative speech is devoid of the same emotion and instead merely tells the audience about a process, innovation, or the latest happenings. Nonetheless, it should still be entertaining and give the audience a reason to pay attention. Finally, when giving a speech during an important event, you cannot forget that what you say could potentially have a lasting impact, so there is the added pressure of having to live up to the expectations.

The Three Major Categories of Speech Including

Tips for Writing a Successful Speech

No matter which type of speech you are planning to give, the overarching goal is to make sure the audience is listening from start to finish. You also need to consider the type of audience you are addressing. Does it consist of friends and family members who know you best? Or perhaps you are speaking in front of a group of strangers who have never heard of you. In some cases, you might even address a group that is hostile towards your position on an issue, so as you craft your speech you will want to take those factors into consideration! It is also worth noting that a speech that discusses a particular topic will be written dramatically different if you are speaking to an audience of industry experts versus a group of first-year college students. In every speech that you write regardless of the category or topic, one thing is always consistent: the need to create a speech that is logical and well structured. When the person rambles, struggles to stay on track, or awkwardly concludes their speech without an actual conclusion, it will simply leave the audience confused. When the speech is relatively lengthy – such as 10 minutes or more – it is important to discussing everything point by point, so that it serves a real purpose.

Just as with essay writing, you should always begin with an outline since this will allow you to stay focused. In addition, you should create a few drafts of your speech, taking into consideration what content is most important and what can be taken out. Of course, one way in which speech writing differs from other kinds is that there is an added preparation process. You will need to work on your delivery and work on your confidence, especially since you will receive immediate feedback in the form of the audience’s responses. You should also proofread your speech for grammar and syntax. There is nothing more uncomfortable than stumbling along as you come to the realization that you are reading a typo out loud.

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Are Online Custom Writing Services Reliable?

Students of all ages in the US, UK or any other country know how challenging it is to be on time with all academic written assignments. Nearly every course stipulates for essay, research and term paper writing. Even when you hold a degree you still have to work not only on academic papers, but also on speech and presentation writing.

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