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Very often, students at secondary or high school level do not know very much about writing familiar essays since these are considered to be difficult assignments. A familiar essay is a type of writing that focuses on the writer’s own exploration and reflections on such topics as “Providing Advice” and “Being Untrue to Oneself.

Many students think that writing a familiar essay is quite a similar to writing a personal essay. Yet, research is not necessary in a familiar essay. Instead, this type of essay tends to explore the writer’s own philosophical outlook or their attitude, and these do not need to be supported with any evidence or research materials.

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When students get a task of writing a familiar essay, they usually ask themselves what kind of an essay it is. Familiar essay writing is a challenging task and that is why many students fail to submit a good version of it.

This type of essay can be defined as a piece of writing based on the personal opinion regarding some topic. For many writers, this essay is similar to personal essay writing. However, the difference between them is that a personal essay requires performing some research. At the same time, familiar essays do not require any supportive arguments and facts. They are based on a personal philosophical perspective, ideas and attitude.

Familiar essays presuppose that the audience already knows the issue you are going to discuss and all they want to hear is your opinion on it. As a result, there is no need to provide detailed explanations and make the audience familiar with the issue. In addition, you can even write your essay in a form of interaction with the readers using personal pronouns.

Organize Your Essay

Regardless of the fact that your familiar essay reflects your own thoughts and ideas it still needs to follow a specific structure and organize your paper in a proper manner. Write down all the ideas you have on the topic and then single out the most interesting ones. After that, create a draft of your paper by writing down all the information in a logical manner. This draft will later be transformed into a final version of the paper.

  • Writing process

After the outline is done, it is high time to write a final version of an essay. The role of the outline in the writing process should not be underestimated. Considering the nature of an essay, students often tend to jump from one though to another without actually concentrating on the main topic. In this case, outline serves as a guarantee that the paper will be focused. Try to write your essay at once using the outline to make sure that you will not lose your focus later.

Normally, this essay type does not require any sources. However, it is recommended to check the issue with your professor. There is no need for a familiar essay to discuss some outside researches but using a quote or two does not have to be a problem.

  • Proofreading

Many students tend to ignore this step. However, it plays an important role if you want your paper to be perfect. First of all, check if your point is clear enough. Make sure you do not have any grammatical mistakes. In addition check how the audience is addressed and whether the correct writing style was chosen.

  • Audience and essay tone

If you are asked to write a familiar essay, try to imagine that you are addressing just one reader. This person is sufficiently educated and intelligent enough to understand your topic. Therefore, it is unnecessary for you to provide any further explanations or clarifications. Consider that your reader is keen to know what you think of the topic i.e. they are interested in your opinion. You may even use personal pronouns such as “I” and “you” to fully interact with your reader.

  • Create an essay plan

While writing a familiar essay may be similar to writing a personal essay, it is still necessary for the writer to organize their ideas prior to starting to write. You may start by writing freely for a few minutes i.e. by jotting down all your ideas on a piece of paper as they occur to you. You need not worry at this stage about content. Later, your task will be to pick out the most important and valuable ideas for your essay outline. Then you will further fine-tune these until they become your final paper.

Writing Your Essay

The next step is to write your actual essay using the outline you created. The importance of an outline should not be underestimated and this should be followed throughout the entire writing process. Because a familiar essay is very personal in its nature, it is commonplace for students to go off track and away from the topic(s) they were initially meant to focus on. A good tip for writing this type of essay is to write it all in one go (in just a single session). This will help you retain your focus.

A lot of tutors request that students do not use references in familiar essay assignments. You should, however, read the instructions you are given carefully. If your tutor permits it, you may use quotations from renowned philosophers to illustrate or prove a particular point. In any case, it is not necessary to use external arguments since your own reflections should be the focus of your paper.

You should always read back your essays and revise them before submission. Your reader should be able to clearly understand your personal stance. Check the style and tone of your writing. Make sure you eliminate any inconsistencies in style. If, for instance, you start with an exuberant tone, this should be visible in your closing paragraph. Check also that your work is coherent and unified.

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