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The city’s name is mainly commonly ascribed to Muskogee foundation, Haiyakpo (prairie) and hili (pretty) joining in Hialeah to denote pretty prairie. The city is situated in a large prairie flanked by Biscayne Bay and the Everglades. Hialeah has the highest proportion of Cuban and Cuban American population of any city in the States. The Seminole understanding of citys name, High Prairie, depicts an image of the grassy plains utilized by the inhabitant Indians from the everglades to harbor their canoes and show their merchandise for the Miami visitors. This high prairie attracted pioneer Missouri cattleman James H. Bright and aviator Glenn Curtiss who saw immense potential in 1921.

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Type of Community

The city is occupied by a mixed community where the Cuban is regarded as the majority. Over 95% of the citys populations are Hispanic making Hialeah a different yet united place to live. Hialeah is served by the Miami Metrorail at Okeechobee, through Hialeah, and Tri-Rail/Metrorail transport stations. The place has Hialeah Park which is eternal, superb and historic. It is the universes most magnificent race course also anchoring the peculiarity of being an Audubon Bird refuge and being gazette in the National Register of Historic locations.

Physical Environmental Considerations


Hialeah is situated in the state of Florida particularly in the Miami metro region. Zip code 33015 is mainly positioned in Miami-Dade province. The authorized postal service reference used for 33015 is Hialeah, FL. Other suitable names that can be employed for the 33015 zip code denoting this community are MIAMI GARDENS. Hialeah can be categorized socioeconomically as a Middle Class region in comparison to other zip codes in Miami, FL.

The topographical features found in this location include Airport, Bar, Arch, Beach, Bridge, Building, Bay, Cape, Cemetery, Canal, Channel, Civil, Crossing, Church, Gut, Harbor, Hospitals, Island, Military (Historical), Lake, Locale, Park, Populated Place, Post Office, Reserve, Reservoir, Schools, Ridge, Summit, Stream, Swamp and others.

Hialeah, FL, receives 66 inches of rain annually and snowfall is 0 inches. A regular US city gets 25 inches of snow annually. The number of days with any quantifiable rainfall is 132. There are usually 252 sun-drenched days annually in Hialeah, FL. The highest July temperature is approximately 90 degrees. In January it is at around 58. The comfort index, which is founded on humidity when the period is the hot months, is a 29 over 100, where higher is supplementary comfortable.

Boundaries, Area in Square Miles

Segments of the 33015 zip code are found within the city restrictions of Country Club, FL, Miami Lakes, FL, Palm Springs North, FL, Miramar, FL and Carol City, FL. Zip code 33015 is a fraction of location code 305, area code 786 and region code 305. Hialeah is positioned at 25.860474, -80.293971 (2551?38?N 8017?38?W). According to the USCB (United States Census Bureau), the city has an overall area of 51 km2 (19.7 square miles). 0.5 square miles (1.3 km2) of it (2.53%) is water and 19.2 square miles (50 km2) of it is land.


Oil, grease, and trash make the drains to block and result in local flooding of the street within the city. Within Hialeah, a sanitation arrangement contractor installs and fabricates cesspools, storm drains, septic tanks, and other sewage dumping and drains structures to keep the city sanitary condition. This classification comprises the laying of cast-iron, concrete, steel, vitreous and non-vitreous pipe and any other component associated with these systems.

The Hialeah, FL air condition index is an average value which regards the most hazardous air contaminants. The air quality indicator is 0.9% more than the state median and 10.8% less than average. The Hialeah, FL contamination index is the total of the most dangerous air pollutants illustrated in pounds: 95.8% less than the Florida usual and 89.6% less than the state average.

Hialeah is a big city near Miami, FL. Even though it acts primarily is an important suburb, the citys residents have lead to a varied array of retail enterprises and services. Entrepreneurs with fresh concepts can find an ample chance in Hialeah, FL. Like most Florida cities, the commerce licensing takes place typically at county and state stages.

The potential disasters within the Hialeah population are flooding, tornadoes, fires and other related disasters due to the overpopulation. There is an entirety of 453 Hialeah police personnel. These consequences in 2.2 police officers per 1,000 individuals which is 44.5% below the Florida standard and 22.7% less than the National standard. The crime rate is becoming a national disaster.


The Hialeah Housing Authority is situated in Southeast Florida within the City of Hialeah (population 230,000) and is essential for housing activities within the city. The Hialeah Housing Authoritys selection comprises: 545 affordable housing apartments and 402 conservative housing units, 1,117 public accommodation units and 4,543 section 8 accommodation option voucher. The Hialeah Housing Authority is committed to providing suitable, low income families in its area with high quality, inexpensive housing that is decent and secure. The housing authority serves its customers and all Hialeah residents with the highest point of professionalism, compassion, and admiration. Housing type within Hialeah is owner-occupied units at 50.7% and renter-occupied units at 49.3%.

Housing for special populations: near homeless, homeless and frail elders. The Hialeah Housing Authority, Housing Act of 1937 authorized the centralized government to assist cities and counties in constructing low-rent housing and restore slum areas. Public housing objects to provide decent rental accommodation for low-income families, the disabled, and the elderly. Real estate and business activities are the main occupational and leading industries in the Hialeah community.

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The People of the Community

Population Profile

Total population of the Hialeah community as per 2010 census was 224,669 people with a population density of 10,474.2/sq. The population change from 2000 to 2010 has a percentage of -0.8%. As of 2010, Hialeah had the highest proportion of Cuban and Cuban American inhabitants in the United States, more than 73.37%. It had the forty-third highest proportion of Colombian American and Colombian inhabitants in the US, at 3.16% of the citys inhabitants, and the 85th highest percentage of Dominican American and Dominican residents in America, at 1.81% of its inhabitants. The inhabitants demography, consisted of 36.2%, had children below the age of 18 living with them, 57.4% were matrimonial couples living together, 17.4% had a feminine householder with no spouse present, and 18.7% had no families. 14.7% of all family was made up of persons and 7.8% had someone living unaccompanied who was 65 or older.

Biological Considerations

According to the last census the population below 18 was 50,017 while those over 18 were 174,402. The male population was 108,893(48.1%) while female was 117,526 (51.9%). The race distribution was as follows: one race 96.4%, white 88.0%, African American or black 2.4%, American Indian and Alaska Native 0.1%, Asian 0.4%, Asian Indian 0.1%, Chinese 0.2% and the rest Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese below 0.0%. The death rate for breast cancer within the city in 2009 was 19.6 fatalities per 100,000 females. There were 18 suicide fatalities and 36 homicide fatalities as of 2009. Fetal and infant death rate is 18.9% fatalities per 1,000 births and fetal deaths. The 18.9% comprises all ages and races. Cancer has been identified as the leading cause of death whereas overweight or obesity has become the leading morbidity.

Psychological Considerations

Hialeah, incorporated in 1925, has an extensive and proud history. One of the citys most significant and nationwide well-known historic places is the Hialeah Park Racetrack, constructed in 1925. A countless stores which effectively compete against nationwide retail and restaurant series and franchises propel Hialeahs economy with many kinds of opportunities for job from professional to service business jobs. Hialeah is served by the Tri-Rail/Metrorail and Miami Metrorail Transfer stations. The city also offers its own transportation buses that enhance transport services city-wide to the commute easier for the inhabitants.

Sociocultural Considerations

The City provides a wide variety of free cultural activities, events and programs that appeal to the diverse backgrounds of its inhabitants, enriching social life in Hialeah. The Eggstravaganza, Art on Palm Festival, the Independence Day festivity and Santas Snowblast are merely a few of the yearly city-wide events that Hialeah inhabitants enjoy. Most of the citys chain-based restaurants and commercial are some of the pinnacle stores in the country. This is a confirmation that most residents earn living through business.

Government and Leadership

The City of Hialeah has functioned under a steady mayor form of government since its beginning. Policy making and lawmaking authorities are vested in an administrating council comprising a seven member council.

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The branch of Education and Community Services (ECS) of the metropolis of Hialeah encourages lifelong education, an informed population, literacy, an improved quality of life, and widen horizons for all Hialeah inhabitants through the libraries, after-school programs, adult centers, summer and vacation camps, and the Special Population Center for grownups with disabilities.


Hialeah is served by the Tri-Rail/Metrorail and Miami Metrorail Transfer stations. The City also offers its own transportation buses that enhance transport services city-wide to make the commute it easier.

Behavioral Considerations

The city has various specialists assisting in handling behavioral considerations of the population.

Health System Considerations

The Hialeah Healthy Families scheme, enforced by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida organization as a component of the Embrace a Healthy Florida program, began with the arrangement of an advisory board and four functioning groups in some years back to boost health systems within the city.

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