Guide on Writing a Classification and Division Essay

In the course of their academic career, students frequently face tasks that require dividing an assortment of objects, classifying them, and expressing their conclusions in the form of an essay. Regardless of the nature of the task – be it sorting diverse clothing types, writing an essay, or itemizing income and expenses for budget planning or tax obligations, the skill for effectively categorizing and splitting various things becomes a necessity.

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Deciphering the Purpose of a Classification and Division Essay

A division and classification essay serves a central role in enhancing a student’s ability to examine an assortment of things or item types that relate in some way to one another. Contrary to what one might believe, crafting this type of essay closely mirrors the process of writing other essay types. Students may find it beneficial to think of classification as the act of assigning unrelated items into different categories or as distinct fragments of a complete thing. Conversely, division involves the separation of an entire object or groups of objects into multiple components. Given the similarities between the two tasks, it is not uncommon for teachers and professors to use the terms ‘division’ and ‘classification’ interchangeably.

Choosing a Compelling Topic and Making an Essay Writing Plan

The initial step for those assigned a division and classification essay is to reflect on the essay’s purpose to devise a solid plan. Starting with the topic is a sensible move. If the professor assigns a profound topic, it might require external research. Therefore, thinking about the categories in your particular academic discipline could prove beneficial. For example, a biology student might contemplate creating categories to classify modern-day types of dinosaurs. This might result in the formation of categories such as:

  • Dinosaurs with reptile-style traits
  • Dinosaurs with bird-style traits
  • Dinosaurs with mammal-style traits.

On the other hand, a professor might assign a lighthearted or whimsical topic, which allows you to consider everyday items. For instance, you think about the clothing outlets in your vicinity, categorizing them based on their specialization, such as:

  • Kid’s clothing
  • Adult clothing
  • Sportswear.

Subsequently, you could use your personal observations to fortify your arguments. Crafting a plan for your essay entails determining the criteria for your classifications and divisions. If your topic revolves around contemporary art styles, you might first want to identify the defining attributes of each style and then select renowned artists best representing these diverse styles or movements.

Constructing Your Essay in Line with This Structure

  • Developing Your Introductory Paragraph and Thesis Statement
  • The introduction to your classification and division essay should clearly state the topic and the significance of the different categories. The thesis statement should clarify the various classifications and divisions.

  • Supporting Paragraphs – The Main Body of the Essay
  • Each body paragraph should be dedicated to a category outlined in your thesis statement. For instance, drawing from the earlier example of dinosaur classifications, one paragraph could delve into how certain species evolved to display reptilian traits such as scaly skin. All assertions and points should be backed by external sources, except in instances where the professor allows or requests personal anecdotes or hypothetical scenarios.

  • Framing the Conclusion Paragraph

The conclusion of your essay should reassemble the various categories and/or divisions you have established and reemphasize their importance. For instance, it is crucial for readers to understand the evolution of specific dinosaur types, as this enhances their understanding of the origin of numerous existing animal species.

Division Essay Example

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