Successful Exemplification Essay

Get an “A” Grade with a Successful Exemplification Essay

If or when you are writing an illustrative or exemplification essay, you need to provide clear and solid examples to support your central thesis statement and any points you put forward. If the paper you write is to be successful, your sources need to be up-to-date and reliable. This will allow you to collect accurate information on your subject matter. There is no doubt that good examples add validity and interest to a written work. Therefore, it is important you are thorough when choosing suitable examples.      

The following is the recommended method for building an exemplification essay:

  • Find good examples
  • Make sure the information you provide on the subject is detailed
  • Make sure your ideas are worthwhile
  • Check that all facts are indisputable
  • Looking for relevant and up-to-date data to support any statements you make.  

When you are attempting to illustrate your subject matter with suitable examples, it is important to ensure the information you present is aligned to your opinion and definitely to your topic. One crucial task for you is to search for as much source material as you possibly can to identify the best examples to support your statement(s). Should you find that some of the examples provided contradict one another, it is advisable to remove these and alter the direction of your written work. It is important to understand that any information you present should prove and support your thesis statement. If, however, your task is to analyze certain exceptions, then you should look for examples that both support and oppose the main idea or point.

Structure of an Exemplification Paper

An essay of the exemplification variety needs to be founded on solid evidence. Therefore, any claims you make to support your topic need to be proved beyond doubt by sound argument. If your aim is to immediately get the attention of your readers, your introductory paragraph needs to be compelling. It usually helps to introduce a topic with an amusing anecdote, a short story, or something similar. This will get your readers interested and make them want to read the rest of your work.

You should include argument, statistical information and facts concerning the topic in the body paragraphs of your essay. Your work will appear strong and well-reasoned if you provide plenty detail. Remember that you should lay out all information in a logical manner. To do this, you will need to link all sentences, ideas and paragraphs with suitable transitions.

The concluding paragraph of your essay should summarize your entire paper. This part should not contain any statistical information. Clearly, you will want readers to be impressed by your written piece. Consequently, your conclusion paragraph should be developed in a way that appeals to every type of reader.

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