Internal communication

Statement of Research

The management of Morgan properties has been receiving complaints about different issues in the apartments. The problems range from the lack of a proper trash collection system to the staff not fixing any of the problems identified on time. There have also been incidences of misplaced packages in the apartments. Looking at the nature of these problems, the main cause is lack of a proper system of implementation of policies. Policies are either not implemented or they are implemented late. If the management does not deal with this problem, there is likely to be an increase in the number of complaints from the tenants.

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Internal communication is one of the main reasons for the poor management of organizations around the globe. When an organization does not solve its internal communication issues, even perfect policies that the organization formulates are not effective since they are either delayed in their implementation or they are not implemented at all. When internal communication issues occur in the organization, they may lead to a dire loss of company profits since most of the company’s projects are stalled due to poor allocation of manpower. Internal communication is the heart of all the operations of the organization. It is through this system that every part of the organization is coordinated. If the internal communication system is broken, the goals of the employees are not focused towards one place. Instead, all the members of the organization seem to have different priorities which in some cases crash or cancel each other. Instead of making progress, the organization loses resources and profits. If the problem is not solved in good time, the organization may eventually collapse. This is a major problem affecting small and middle sized organizations. They do not have well laid internal organization processes. Instead, they depend on the communication of the proprietors. This report examines the internal communication problems facing Morgan properties. It outlines the research done on internal communication and the solutions that are recommended for the organization to overcome its internal management problems.

Analysis of the Questionairre

My first aim is to identify the problem that the apartments are going through. The second part is conducting a survey to identify the magnitude of the problem facing the property management company. Once a survey has been conducted, I will be in a good position to provide a recommendation to Morgan Property management. My recommendation will include identification of the tools of communication used and how they can be improved.
In an interview with some of the tenants, they revealed that they had sent the management e-mails to request the management to help in various issues. One of the tenants said the following, “ I wanted the management to address the issue of car parking. The car park is congested and we need more space. The management has not responded to my concerns two weeks after I sent the e-mail”

The workers are not in a position to take action before the management authorizes the rectification of the problem. The current structure of internal communication leads to a lot of delays in the provision of services.There are five apartments that have faulty electricity connection. The management has not released the necessary equipment from the management to release the equipment. In an interview with the plumber in the apartments, this is what he had to say “When I do my inspections, I identify faults that require the whole plumbing system to be overhauled. However, my duty is only to report the specific areas that are faulty. It is the duty of the management to determine what to be done. This makes me repeat jobs I have done every week.”

The other problem I discovered in my research is that the management and the employees did not share the same perspective on internal communication. According to Kalla, poor internal communication results from both the perspective of the management and the employees. They focus mainly on corporate communication as the only form of communication. This is the traditional system of communication involving memos and management directives. Kalla proposes that to solve this problem, the management and the employees should view internal communication from the lens of an integrated system of communication. In this system, everyone in the organization recognizes communication as a function that is part of their activities. Instead of waiting for the management to implement a proper system of internal communication, every person plays an important role in the origination of ideas on how to improve the image of the organization in the laying down of structures to implement good structures for internal communication. In the current age, communication should involve the sharing of knowledge among the employees and the communication between the employees and the management. Internal communication should happen in both formal and informal context.

I found out that the management was using the wrong tools of communication. Billic identifies several methods through which internal communication can be enhanced. The latest tool of communication is the use of email and the social media. This tool is efficient in that it has a wide scope and it communicates the required information within a short period. Billic also points out that today’s employees in the service sector have many qualities that differ from those of their counterparts in the past. The employees have a better level of qualification than their counterparts. They also require to be informed on any information pertaining the organization with the shortest time possible. To do this, Billic shows the importance of ISO certification in the provision of a system that enhances transparency in the organization. Billic proves that ISO certification enhances formal communication within the organization. For an organization to become ISO certified, it must have a transparent system of communication.


The issue of internal communication should be dealt with from the root of the company’s foundation. The company’s culture is the fundamental part in the formation of the company. To deal with this factor, it is necessary to create a culture that identifies openness and a caring attitude in the structure of the organization. As the representatives of the management to the tenets, the employees should be incorporated into the organization and assured that they are part and parcel of the company. This can be done by issuing brochures to them affirming this statement. The logic behind this is that if the employees feel that they own the company, they will be motivated to communicate the issues affecting the tenants swiftly.

According to business writers, internal communication is the most important process in the running of an organization. “Effective internal communication is crucial for successful organisations as it affects the ability of strategic managers to engage employees and achieve objectives.” The purpose of the organization is to coordinate the resources available for the organization in form of the knowledge and teamwork exhibited by the employees. For the management to achieve this, it must utilize its internal communication process.

The second perspective of this problem is that the management might be using the wrong tools of communication. There are several tools of communication that the management can use in implementing internal communication. However, not all communication is helpful to the organization. Internal communication must be effective. Though every tool of communication reaches a given number of people, the communication system chosen should have a wide range of coverage and it should provide accurate information. Modern methods of communication should be implemented. Today, social media is one of the most popular means of transfer of information. The internet should be utilized by the management in laying down its internal system of communication.

The other perspective is lack of provision of guidance to new employees. During an interview, one of the employees said that, “since joining this company, I have not had someone to tell me what is required in the organization. I just do things in my own way.”

According to Hola, Internal communication plays a big role in the shaping of new employees. When employees join an organization, they may have predetermined attitudes towards the organization. The attitudes portrayed by the employees may have a negative impact on the ability of the organization to function.
An employee of the company also said that, “the management rarely communicates with us. The information we get from the company’s management is very little.” Hola also states that internal communication should be truthful and provide enough information for the employees to act on. The information should not be ambiguous. If it is ambiguous, the employees might fall into the habit of filling in the remaining gaps with incorrect information. Though it may seem as an easy task for the management to implement, this task requires a high level of leadership for it to be implemented.

In an interview with one of the managers, he said that, “There is obviously a gap between the employees and the management. We seem to be moving in different directions”. This shows that there is a problemin the company concerning the methods it uses to communicate. Research shows that all the managers agree that internal communication is a necessity for the success of an organization. However, most of the organizations are not in a position to implement the proper communication systems as a result of lack of knowledge and competence to lead the organizations to the implementation of good communication networks. Hola states that 80% of employees agree with the fact that internal communication leads to an improvement in Job performance.

After conducting a research in the property’s communication system, I discovered that the management did not involve the employees in the decision making program. This is one of the biggest failures of the internal communication system. This report recommends that the management should allow the employees to take a big role in the formulation of the internal communication systems.


Leadership is a core element in the proper implementation of any system. Morgan properties must ensure that the people employed in the management positions have the required level of knowledge to originate ideas that enhance the level of internal communication. Even with the best intentions, a management without the leadership capabilities to provide ideas on the running of the organization are not in a position to move the organization forward.
The organization should seek for certification of its internal communication systems. Certification requires that the organization gets the view of a third party. Third parties are not tied to the organization as a result of working for the organization which may require them to give biased information to maintain their relationship with the management. Also, a third party with qualification in the field of organizational communication is able to identify flaws that those who are used to the system may not be in a position to identify.

The organization should embrace new methods of communication to enhance its internal communication systems. This is in recognition of the demands of employees on timely receiving of information. Today, the emergence of new systems of communication means that the management is in a position to communicate with the employees frequently. Employees have a right to know what is happening in the organization. The management must bear in mind that employees are among the stakeholders of the organization. Also, the rationale of treatment of people in the same way that one wishes to be treated leads to the conclusion that the management should not put the employees in darkness on issues of the running of the organization. The management of Morgan properties should embrace a system of internal communication that is integrated into all the levels of the organization. This enhances a two way transmission of information.

The communication between the employees and the management should be done in writing. When this is done, there are records that can be referred to in the future. Billic states that in this system, controversies are reduced. Employees and the management can refer back to the information conversations that were held in the past to solve any issues arising. In this case, the employees have confidence in their communication sytem.

“A fundamental aspect in managing sustainability and stakeholder relationships in organizations is internal communication.” Though some organizations make a lot of profits in the short run, they are not able to maintain this flow of profits and many organizations end up collapsing after a while. Internal communication is always neglected as a major contributor to the sustainability of the organization. Employees are the pillar of the organization and every process that the organization undertakes must be implemented by the employees. If the employees are not involved in a proper manner by the organization, the organization is not likely to survive in the current turbulence in the business environment. It is also important that the employees are asked for their input concerning the internal communication of the organization.

As identified, internal communication systems are important in the stability and sustainability of any organization. The properties management group should consider the recommendations of this report to enhance sustainability in the organization.

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