Skills to promote peace in personal or health crisis

Promoting Peace in Personal or Health Crisis

To promote a peaceful state in personal or health crisis, various skills are required. Peace may be defined as a state characterized by the lack of hostility or a state of harmony. A health crisis, though normal, is a difficult situation which may alter person’s normal functioning of day-to-day life activities, thus interfering with one’s peace of mind. A peaceful condition is fundamental for human living and therefore discussed below are ways of promoting concord. On the other hand, a personal crisis can be understood as the one which occurs within an individual and needs major decisions to deal with the stress resulting from the crisis.

Exercising patience whenever faced any sort of crisis is one of the important virtues that will act to promote inner peace. Whether it is a personal or health crisis, being impatient will always interfere with one’s peace of mind leading to a stressful situation (Willer, n.d.). In most cases, people may prefer their crisis being resolved immediately but this may not be always possible since crisis vary and some may require more time to get resolved completely.

Throughout the life, challenges will always be present. The best thing is to perceive that as normal phenomena and learn various ways of dealing with the challenges. Moreover, it is crucial not to try to get rid of problems since they will always be there. This requires patience which develops over time. People should, therefore, strive to learn how to wait despite the disappointments.

For instance, when faced a health crisis, people have to understand that as human beings everyone is prone to diseases. Illnesses differ and some may take quite a longer time to get healed. Being aware of this and being patient to recover, one can easily endure the pain or sufferings and consequently this will promote inner peace.

Personal crisis may occur as a result of various things such as harsh economic situations, unemployment or any other difficult situation that triggers the normal life (Landry, n.d). For example, one may be unemployed which may result in personal crisis. For him or her to get peace of mind, it will call for patience. It is good for him or her to understand that there might be a reason for this situation. It happens that someone else deserves the job more and thus he or she should wait for his or her time to come.

Even though most people find it hard to exercise patience, I would be willing to use this skill and avoid rushing at things. Rushing may cause conflicts within people, especially when one wants to do many things at the same time. As a consequence, all of them might fail. Past experience of situations that led one to hostility due to the lack of patience should make him or her willing to exercise patience not to repeat past mistakes. People learn from their mistakes and therefore if they realize that impatience interferes with their peace, one should then be willing to exercise patience as a skill in promoting peace in both personal and health crisis, alongside other skills.

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