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What does OSHA stand for? What is the major purpose of passing OSHA?

OSHA is a well-known acronym that stands for Occupational Safety and Health Administration, an institution that was instituted in 1971 after the passing of the Williams-Steiger Occupational Safety and Health Act (Levy, 2006). OSHA was passed for the purpose of ensuring that workers were able to work in safe and healthful condition at their workplace. This is achieved through the passing and enforcement of regulation.

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List five (5) most frequent reporting violations in OSHA’s list.

Some of the violations that top the OSHA’s list are:

a)      Failure of employers in proving list of occupation injuries as well as other forms of illnesses.

b)      Failing to abide with the OSHA General Duty Clause made mandatory to all employers.

c)      Lack of report on fatalities at work or series of hospitalization of workers.

d)     Failing to log fatalities in the OSHA’s supplementary log as required by OSHA.

e)      Lack of proper accident reporting mechanism is require in OSHA’s forms.

What are the factors contributing to declining accident rates?

The decline of accident rates can be attributed to the increase in the training given to project manager as well as workers. As confirmed by Levy (2006), training has increased in both in the quality and frequency more than before. Onions have also been instrumental in fighting for improved safety programs at work which has seen more care been given to workers. In addition, it has been observed that more experienced has contributed to the decline of accidents.    

List three (3) positive effects of a good safety record.

A good safety records is essential since it can help lower the cost incurred at work. It can also be effective in promoting efficiency at work as well as allowing a firm to pay the required insurance premiums without the risk of making overpayments.


This program is centered on providing effective transmittal of information that provide users of material with vital insight on how different substances should be handed to reduce cases of accidents.

Briefly describe the contents of material Safety data sheet (MSDS).

The MSDS is vital in safety enforcement. The contents of the MSDS include the product name which identifies it from others, the ingredients of the products in common and chemical names, physical hazards associated with the product, date of preparation and entry routes of the chemicals into the human body.

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