Mall of America

The Mall of America, located in Bloomington, Minnesota is a structure which is thought to be the largest mall amongst others.  It was opened in 1992 and has seen major changes.  The mall receives millions of customers and is considered to be successful beyond reach for other malls.  It is owned by a Canadian family, Chermezian, which also owns the West Edmonton Mall.

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The retail changes that have taken place include a revolution in technology, such as Apple, Microsoft and Skydeck Sports.  For consumers, AMC Theatres have been added to provide extra entertainment to the shoppers.  Planet Hollywood has been closed in 2003, but was one of the most visited spots.  The future plans that should be in the making include an extension of the mall, more parking for the visitors and an addition to the theme park.  The current entertainment division has reached great success, but it is sometimes limited by the number of people that can visit at once.  This is one of the drawbacks because there are always people who would like to visit and arrange for corporate meetings. 

When adding new facilities, the Mall of America must have several criteria in mind.  One of these is to ensure that an easy access for shoppers is constantly available.  Parking is another major issue that must be addressed because the stress that people might get due to the inability to find empty spaces will directly relate to the visitation rates.  In relation to the retail stores, the most current ones must be included in the planning.  As of right now, only four per cent of the space is available for rent, so it would be wise to consider stores that are most popular with the public.  As previously mentioned, the entertainment should include an extension to the theme park.  Attractions for children and adults must be available, so that all groups and ages feel entertained.  Food courts must have as many caterers as possible because people will need a snack during the long hours of visitation.  Hotels are another division that must be kept in mind as some visitors will come a long way to see the Mall of America.  For most people, it is a significant experience that will be remembered for a long time.

For the success of the Mall of America to stay the same and even be increased, there could be an offering of sales and other perks of the kind.  A rewards system might be set in place according to the number of visits.  Every time a person comes to the Mall of America, they could get a certain amount of bonuses in the stores, the food court or the entertainment area.  It would also be beneficial to have a larger extra area for children where they could be left under responsible supervision while adults shop.  In relation to the metropolitan area, more residences would be beneficial, so that people can make the visitation of the Mall of America a regular occurrence.  Those travelling from far away could be accommodated by having hotels which are particularly targeted towards the out of state visitors.  People who want to stay longer could get an option of receiving a discount in relation to the amount of days.  This could be a particularly successful strategy for hotels and even residents in the area.

Overall, the Mall of America has proven to be a great success.  It is not only a place where people can get the necessary products; it is an entertainment attraction where everyone is welcome.  Children and adults will find all that is necessary for their time to be well spent.

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