Letter to Employees

To our esteemed employees,

I would wish to take this opportunity to express my sincere heartfelt gratitude to all of you because of the relentless efforts that have been put into this company and that have seen us forge the way forward. We have been experiencing some technical problems in the company, and I would like to bring into your attention that this is being handled at the moment. I would like to state that because of the structural changes in our budgets, the company might not be in a position of offering standard payments to our staff.  Indeed, it has been a great challenge especially with the growing demand for adjustment in our daily budgets.

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The management team is working tirelessly to make sure that all mechanisms are put in place to ensure efficient and effective delivery of services in this company. Albeit the slow process, we are also restlessly working towards increasing employees’ remuneration. This cannot be possible if a rapport is not established between the employees and management. It is with this regard that I acknowledge the proposals made by some of our members of ensuring that every individual has a room to channel his/her grievances. This is the reason why we have created an organizational based group to help everyone participate in improving the working conditions. Every individual is encouraged to air their views on all matters concerning their welfare while in this company. My wish is to work towards defending the value of all of you and to recognize your worthy contribution for the betterment of this company. This is the main focus towards which our efforts are directed.

It is at this point that I regret announcing the declining company’s returns. I would wish to announce that we will have a temporary cut off of our salaries until the matter is settled. It will not take long before we settle this issue. Therefore, urge all of you to bear with us during these difficult moments, and I know that we will not be victims but victors. This will require us to be patient and pursue our goals with diligence while in this company. The changes that we require in the company are within us. The management is doing all the best to make sure that all of you are empowered to defend your rights of expression, liberty and life by creating an avenue that will enable everyone live a comfortable life. I would wish also to appreciate the efforts made by some groups of our staff that have gathered courage to come and meet the management. We wish to remind you that your efforts are not in vain, and your grievances are being addressed during the coming meeting.

Importantly, I wish to move from generality to specificity. The data that we have from the accounts department shows that we have a shortage of   value amounting to $5 million which we are working to recover. Significantly, some of the shortages accrued have emanated from mishaps of some of our staff, and we have decided to bear with them. We are also working on a long-term solution to make sure that such inconveniences are avoided in the future. We have faced a significant decline in the quality of services rendered by some of our staff and this has been translated to the diminishing returns got by the company. This has hitherto culminated to decline in our customers. We as the management understand these shortcomings from our staff members because no human is perfect. Therefore, we have to treat you perfectly in order to enjoy your services in our humble institution.

With the understanding that error can never depart from human beings, we also have to bear with individuals who are linked with misappropriation of our company’s funds. We have decided to give them another chance of giving us services in as far as they are willing to improve. I believe that the greatest rooms we have on earth is room for improvement. We have also faced challenges in the maintenance of equipments. Most of our tools of work have been misused leading to breakage. The company’s management has set aside some funds to purchase ultra-modern facilities to replace the already dilapidated tools. This will ensure that you are working in the right standards to avoid endangering your health. I believe that health leads to wealth. Therefore, we have to expose you to the best working environment by ensuring that the equipments that you use are up to date.

We all understand that the cost of living has greatly increased. The tax remitted to the government has increased the cost of inputs thus; the electricity bills are skyrocketing every day. We are, therefore, forced to adjust to these conditions before we embark on checking your welfare. This company is our daily source of our bread, and that means that we are to maintain it so that it can serve us efficiently.

Plans are underway to increase your salaries in the near future, in addition to other bonuses that, the company had initially promised. This might take some few months. I request you to allow me provide further information in our next meeting of the fiscal year. You are also advised to check more information from the accounts office.

I humbly request you to understand the situation the company is facing and encourage you to be part of the solution to the problem facing us rather than being part of the problem facing us. I don’t know how many of us would agree with me that it is worth to spend time solving problems rather than wasting valuable time disagreeing on issues. I have great expectations beyond reasonable doubts that this meeting will help clarify and build an agreement about our financial problems.

Finally, as we continue to work in these difficult times, I urge you to continue supporting each other as well as supporting us. Let us never tire in improving our skills. This company is known to possess the best services in the community. It has also been known for its high level of professionalism. These are qualities that might be painful to part with. Let’s, therefore, have the needs of our customers at heart as well as be sensitive to the needs of our fellow staff members. I wish to thank you all for your contribution for this organization and the service delivered to the society in general.

Kind regards,

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