Deep Sea Explorations

Despite the fact that less than ten percent of the ocean floor has been mapped and explored with the rest 90 percent remaining to be a mystery to mankind, interesting facts about the deep seas have been brought to light. The discoveries made on the deep sea studies and explorations have been amazing bringing reality intricate ecosystems which could have never been imagined to have ever existed before. Ocean floor ridges have been found to contain volcanic vents which have revolutionized biological science. It has often been argued that the revealing of the ocean floor marine life operates and generally understanding the oceans will be key as it will help to know that the worlds will be headed to (Swedin 72; Barrera and Johnson 300; History of Exploration III). This is because the oceans are believed to control so many aspects of the events which occur on the dry land surfaces: “Ocean circulation and currents control Earth’s climate and hydrology, the continental margins are home to most of Earth’s human population, and the techniques developed for deep sea exploration are often applicable to space exploration” (Deep 1). According to the Deep Ocean Exploration Institute (2010), the deep oceans have the key to the fundamental planetary forces and phenomenon. The institute further argues that these forces are key to:

  • The generation of earthquakes tsunamis and volcanoes
  • Forging of large offshore oil, gas and other mineral deposits
  • Supporting communities of life, on and below the seafloor (this has been argued that they may hold chief clues to the evolution of life on earth).
  • Revealing deep ocean floor life which may also give clues to life on the other planets
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These facts discovered are of great importance as they will help in the appreciation of the marine system and help the fight to stop abuse of the environment which include controlling the greenhouse emission to the sky which leads to global warming. These discoveries will also make it possible to fight abuse of the ocean floor being used as nuclear waste disposal centre (Gage and Tyler 405; Van Dover et al., 2). Understanding the how the deep sea current operates might also help in discovering how the oceans affects the climate on the dry land surface considering the fact that the ocean covers about seventy five percent of the surface of the earth. All this knowledge will make it possible for mankind to better control the earth ands preserve it in a way that will be beneficial to all (Ziegler 12; Extreme 1).


Deep sea exploration has come a long way. Though initially neglected the recent past has seen much progress being made on the studies involving the deep sea has been much advanced. The sonar instruments which were used by the world war two submarines to detect ridges in the oceans floors have been advanced to bring about mapping of the ocean floor. Though less than ten percent of the ocean floor has been slightly explored, there have been many facts which have been brought to light. These facts which reveal the intricate ecosystem deep in the ocean floor will help to manage the world resources better especial in controlling the global warming which most probably will eventual affect life deep in the ocean depth. The information from the ocean depth will also help scientist to under the influence of the oceans on the climate of the world.

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