Stand By Me

In my opinion, I have a thought that the film is a great one indeed. In addition, it is clear that the movie might not be one of the best works of Rob Reiner but it is a good movie. It is also evident that cinematography is less terrific due to the fact that it has less horror pictures and the shining is the best. More so, I noticed that the movie is a drama and it also has some elements of thriller and the performances that the boys give in the movie are all extraordinary and I was impressed in the manner in which they expressed their friendship.

I was also able to predict the plot of the movie but one thing I realized is the fact that the body of the film was on the psychological development on the major characters and not what was going to happen next. More the sound that was used in the movie is very good due to the fact that it can lure one to watch the film and I was also able to notice that the director of the film made use of classic music. One of things that I did not like about the music is the fact that the music used was an ancient one and that is something that made the movie a bit boring especially for an individual who is not a fan of ancient music. One of the things that I liked so much is the fact that it has a lot of trivia such as slang expressions, pop songs and TV shows but the trivia does not anchor the story of that era.

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It is also clear that every generation has its own trivia which is very essential to that generation and that has been well portrayed in the movie. I also noticed that the best part of the movie was the English subtitles and that made me notice for the first time what some of the dialogue was. I will also recommend one to watch the movie due to the fact that one has the opportunity of listening to the comments of the director as the movie is played and it is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that one can listen and watch the entire movie in its original format. However I did not like the somber tone of some sections in the movie.

I was impressed by the style that was used by the director in producing the movie. It was primarily expressionistic and it is evident that he was able to achieve that through the social dynamics of interactions with the characters that is intense. In addition, the director also demonstrated that style of being in a better position of viewing his actors from an ironic and sympathetic perspective and that is something that made the movie very interesting especially for individuals who like cinema.

It is also clear that the director of the movie also made use of a narrative style in producing the movie and I noted that the film had a clear and an organized plot which could attract any viewer to watch it. More so, the style that was used by the filmmaker ensured that there were no large financial investments in producing the movie and it is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that the film did not have grandiose themes. Besides, considering the fact that there were no huge financial investments then that shows clearly that the filmmaker was very economical in producing the film and at the same time the movie is very interesting to the audience. I was also able to notice that that the director was able to imaginatively transform the script into something that is attractive to the eyes of the viewers and due to that the filmmaker has been rated as one of the best filmmakers till today. Therefore, in my opinion the work of the filmmaker was very good and due to that I must say that it is a kind of movie that I can recommend one to watch since they will have the opportunity of seeing by themselves how the film is interesting.

My Criteria for Quality in Film

1. In my opinion, in order for a movie to be considered quality then it has to have an entertain plot and cast. Thus, it is clear that Stand by me movie can be considered to be a quality movie since it has an entertain cast and plot.

2. Excellent movies should have an end that viewers will have a desire of wanting the sequel of the pioneering film. In addition, the climax should not have something that can be imagined or expected by the audience. In my opinion, the Stand by me movie is an excellent movie since one cannot imagine or expect the climax.

3. A movie is more likely to be good if the major actors are capable of taking two roles at the same time. They should be able to make the viewers to like and hate them at the same time. In my opinion, the Stand by me film did not portray this aspect and that really compromised the quality of the movie.

4. Excellent movies should also be produced in color and not in black and white. It is clear beyond a reasonable doubt that the Stand by me movie only used the black and white color due to the time it was produced and due to that it cannot be categorized as an excellent movie.

5. A good plot and directing should also be done by the same individual. For instance, there are those movies the director and one of the characters is the same person. However, the Stand by me movie did not demonstrate that and thus it is not a good movie.

6. It is not the main purpose of movies to entertain but to keep a connection with the drama that is smooth. It is clear that the Stand by me movie was able to keep a connection with the drama.

7. Actresses and actors that have been used need to feel the message that they want to portray in the plot and that will help the viewers to identify with the characters in the plot and Stand by me has demonstrated that.

8. Excellent movies also need to have sound, volume, effect and music which is very important and I was able to witness that is the Stand by me film.

9. A movie can be considered to be good if it has black humor since there is an overrating of regular comedy. It is clear that people need more than regular comedy in movies. I was able to notice black humor in Stand by me.

10. A movie that is white and black should contain background photographs which have much clarity as the foregrounds and that will assist so much in the white and black format. I was also able to notice that in the Stand by me movie and thus I must say that the movie can be categorized as a good quality film and it can be recommended for those who love movies.

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