The Kingdom of Matthias

The Kingdom Matthias book narrated a story about the marginalization of the people, the sexuality, fantasy and the commercial apprising within the United States, precisely New York. The city of New York was under the influence of radical groups associated with religion. The small notorious group launched themselves in the city of New York and caused a revolution where a self proclaimed prophet Mathews declared he was the Mathias. The writers; Paul E. Johnson and Sean Wilentz were famous in writing history based on the spiritual influence in the society.

Though their books were mostly about storytelling, they were careful about the scholarly requirements such as precision and rationality. The people in the kingdom invested their money in businesses as they rebuild their kingdom through a rapid economic change; some succeeded whereas some businesses did not flourish as expected but generally Matthias had no substantial idea for the radical economic growth. Mathias was radical in changing the generation of women practicing prostitution and other unspiritual acts back to the core values but his movement resulted in a cult killing its followers.

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Mathias was determined to save the fate of the prostitutes in the street and make them leave the life in the street and come back to the society. He used the slogan The Living Spirit of the Truth slogan in winning the faith from the community. His participation in movements landed him in court for the alleged murder charges. Mathias was released after they failed to produce any evidence against him as he was just associated with the followers killed and no direct link for murder. He was again convicted for killing her daughter in her attempt to visit to him in the kingdom and sentenced to jail. His claims of saving the sexual immorality in the society became a problem in marriages most marriages broke down.

The economical growth impact in the United States made several people go to the towns and start to make live out of it. Matthias was part of the people who moved from the farms to cities in search of better live. Matthias attempted in several occasions to meet the prevailing hardship in the city but he was unable to come up with a better life than could even his suffering wife. He finally resulted to forming the kingdom of Matthias. The kingdom challenged its members to invest in businesses as it was the only way the kingdom would grow fast. The idea however was not fully successful since most of the businesses did not succeed.

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Prophets such as the Matthias were common in the United States as they could predict some common happenings in the society. Matthias was not new in the history and just like other proclaimed prophets; he made several claims of the presence of the criminal activities in the kingdom. He proposed the application of the American extreme core values and the holy living. His move however wasn’t a value addition to the Americans because the Change had happened for a length of time therefore his values were out of time. His new values claims were based on the happenings of the 19th century whereby Christian values had a lot of influence in the life of the people.

The kingdom came up with a new way of living among the Christians through the redefining the core values of marriage. His cult came up with the idea of the religious people being allowed to be associated with polygamy. The kingdom thus became the source of the problems in marriages that embraced the polygamy. Matthias was in the forefront in fighting the vices such as prostitution and other vices in the city but it was ironical to realize that his intention were beyond the championing for the good of the community. The kingdom became more dangerous to the marriages within its vicinity and all the followers of the cult.

The rise of the kingdom created a new form of cult in the society. the religion of the kingdom were made by the people but could not stick to all the values in Christianity has stated in the bible instead, most of the culture was just made in order to impress the followers. The religious movement in the kingdom was not helpful to the community as it gave up the new cult religion among the people. Such cults made their followers to believe in the impossible to happen. The situation was witnessed in kingdom when the Paul Johnson was made to believe his wife would resurrect but was just in vain since all was over for her in the earth.


The American revolutionary story is quite fascinating as it contained the influence of the generation the kingdoms such as the Matthias. The kingdom changed the religion of the country as well as coming up with new ideas of development. Though the influence of the Kingdom of Matthias did not yield the intended reasons, it came out to be influential in the church and economic revolution.

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