Jesus and our Faith


Our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit is the ultimate power that is vested in us if we follow the path of light, Jesus Christ. Known as the Son of man, it is through him that we get to understand the will of God and what we are expected to do with or to our faith. Faith does not believe that God exists, but it is through following what His teachings depict. The faith of an individual can save the lives of many. Jesus’ faith in his human form was remarkable and it’s through that that faith the world was saved from destruction.

IMPLICATIONS of faith can be felt in the way people understand, interpret and exercise the teachings. Humans are humans and according to the bible, sinning does not mean lack of faith. However, it is obvious that lack of faith leads to sinning. Whatever gospel that points out faith, the involved are the soul, the mind and the spirit. To get the spirit one needs to make a declaration of what path to follow, either following Jesus or choosing to self-destruct in eternal fire.

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HEALING the sick, feeding the hungry and walking on foot are miracles to soe sense, in another sense they are attainable if the faith in one person can measure up the faith that Jesus had. Jesus was and is God, but on earth, He was in human body and form. The faith He had was setting an example of what we should be like. But human with the nature of being easily shaken prohibits people from achieving the levels of faith expected from them compared to Jesus.

ESTIMATION of faith can never be done by expecting miracles to happen to oneself. It does not involve a mindset of any particular sort, but it involves walking into the light, being saved from the hindrances that shake faith and believing.

Throughout the holy Bible, faith has been rated in inconsistent manner when it comes to people. From genesis Abel had faith and was liked by God, Abel had not met God but had seen Him. Seeing God in this case believes that He exists and that it is through Him that we are protected from the wandering spirits of doom. Jesus was yet to be born in time of Abel, so examples or no examples faith is attained by belief. Our faith according to the teachings of the Bible is shakeable if it is not exercised. John the baptised did not start baptizing people with Jesus, he prepared himself in faith, he believed and later he had the chance to baptise Jesus. By this, we are not expecting to baptize Jesus, but we are support to have the faith Jesus showed in order to relive the life of Jesus in both faith and spirit. The Christ in us is the fountain of faith; by preparing ourselves, we nurture ourselves upon how to welcome Christ to our souls, minds and spirits. Jesus taught how to attain the kingdom of heaven by performing miracles, forgiving those who were tied down by sin, parables to give insight of the state of faith to acquire in order to build faith.

LIVING ACCORDING to Jesus, our faith will be ultimatum shield of temptations, sickness, deaths and misery. Jesus at Capernaum, was presented with a paralytic man, He did not judge the person, with the Holy Spirit vested in him he could see that the man and the lot that brought him had faith. Jesus did not heal the person but faith did. Faith in this applies in that Jesus at His level of faith could notice truth from disguise. He could notice true faith and otherwise and so in his Godly being He healed the person. Besides what faith did for the person, a number of people could not agree that a man had the authority to forgive sins. This was because their faith was belittling their belief. It is through our faith that we see faith in others. An example set by Jesus is through the healing of the paralytic man. The recognition of lack faith was portrayed in the way the people could not believe the healing.

RESISTING temptation as shown in the Old Testament can be hard to achieve. However, faith at the degree of believing in God through Jesus temptations can be resisted and defeated. At times, we find ourselves falling into problems that we have created in the first place. To allow ourselves to be able to resist temptations, faith has to take a lead role in finding and welcoming Christ into ourselves. Temptations are all from the Devil, if Jesus is on you, the devil does not get the chance to shake what there is. (Google Digital, 1846: 104)

It is through understanding and living in the conscious of Christ that we will not believe but knowing the Supreme Being. Knowing the Supreme Being is the way to eternal life. Jesus taught that it is not following Him that we will be freed from sin; it is copying the examples and finding our inner selves in accordance to Jesus. Seeking the Godly kingdom require determination, to be determined to undergo faith test, to be able to defend the faith in you, to be able to use. That faith in blunting the edges of evil and by denouncing approaches aimed at propagating your belief towards other directions. Faith tests are not always through temptations and neither are they tests, sometimes they are commands, states of mind and dilemma situations. Throughout life, when trying to attain faith or trying to stand and defend it, you will be confronted be the non-righteous, the tormented who have acquired a belief of their own. (Macarthur, 1986: 92)

These people are referred as spiritually disturbed and their call is to invest their manufactured doctrines and dogmas, evaluating the bible in a non-conventional way, depicting what they assume to be a ‘proper’ setting to fit their misbelieve and lack of faith into. At times, they will result in assaulting those who do not follow or listen to their usage of the scriptures and the bible as a gun.

The insecurities and self-hatreds push these people to commit themselves to no actual faith. The way to deal with these people is to lower ourselves, let them feel like they own the universe but in silence pray for them. This is the example of Jesus. If your faith is in the making, talking back and trying to level up with such people can prove disastrous to the faith we try to attain.

He gathered crowd because of His return to Capernaum’, this is as the gospel say, ‘and four bearers of a paralytic man could not make their way through the crowd’. As the passage depicts the situation, a paralytic man whose faith is not discussed here lies on a mat. Four of the people who had brought him were struggling to make their way to Jesus. We can never tell whose faith is at work here. ‘The men descended the paralytic man through the roof’, whatever the roof was made from according to the times and designs of that period would be rafts and mud. The determination of these people showed faith in the eyes of Jesus.

Everybody else in the crowd could see it, it not a matter of Jesus looking into their hearts, they exercised their faiths. The case of the paralytic man in terms of faith is not discussed; Jesus was God and could see the hearts of people. Of this was the case, he saw that besides the efforts of the four bearers, that the paralytic had faith. ‘Wake and take your bed for your sins has been forgive. ”No one has the authority to forgive sins” church leaders thought, they never spoke but they were answered with questions’ from Jesus. The direction that this was taking is the same direction of the non-righteous would take to pull down a person of faith.

The fact that Jesus wanted to show that faith was playing a major role in this led to the questions, ‘saying, son your sins are withdrawn or get up, take you bed and off you go. What would be easier?’ This was a way of putting his faith into the test for the non-believers and those with questionable faith to make a decision on. The fact that there was a chance of public failure was one way to deduce that Jesus had enough faith and that he knew exactly what the outcome would be. Failing in this setting would have suggested a factor of trembling faith. ‘Wake and take your bed with you as you walk’, when the man woke up, took his mat and walked, there was the proof that the church leaders anticipated. The kingdom and power of God was unveiled unto them (Thorson, 2007: 126). The faith of the four men could have been a factor of dedicated effort to save a sick person due to pity, nobody would know that, Jesus on his side did not look at the faith of the Bearers but he looked into the heart of the paralytic man.

From the Gospel of John the Baptist, we learn that John did not have a clue of when the saviour would come. He emphasised that people created paths that Jesus would pass. This in this day and age would be interpreted as, ‘find a place in your heart for the Christ to grown in you from’. When Jesus finally came to earth and to the point of being baptized by John, it is clear that the gospel of john had come true. For john believed, he was able to know that Jesus the saviour would come to deliver his people. Through this knowledge john adapted faith and in that sense he created a path for Jesus. This path was not learning how to baptize people. It was by preaching and giving people the chance to know God and be born again that he prepared a path for Jesus. (Bass, 2010: 77)

Finally, besides Jesus coming, he had enough faith and he had known that the kingdom of heaven was for the pure in heart. John the Baptist died because of his faith. His head was cut off at the command of the King. The faith of a righteous man is always recognizable by the people around that person, the king knew that John was a person of God and despite that fact he wanted to honour the request of his daughters request, he was hesitant to grant the wish. It’s not all through our faith that we stand firm, sometimes through the faith of others we stabilize our own. In the same sense, as well lack of faith and something to believe in pushes us out of the right path thus disrupting the foundation of faith that we may have been trying to establish.


Do we know what faith is after all? It is a state of believe that is responsible of shaping the nature of life and the spiritual difficulties that we go through. The form of Jesus’ faith and the factor influencing our faith lies within believing and knowing. From believe we get faith and from faith, we get knowledge. This in some way is the only way to show that we are following in the teachings of Jesus.

APPLYING this form of connection of our souls and minds, we are required to pray for the sick, the poor, the mentally challenged and the spiritual dwarfs. By doing so if we have faith besides the outcome of our wishes, we will be creating the path for Christ in our hearts.

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