Good Versus Right


The moral actions needs goodness and the practical ones need rightness. It is universal truth of realistic world that in some cases you have to be right but goodness always needs consideration. By defining the good, the absolute result of good is the best morally and ethically, in contrast, right is to performing the things with consideration of ground realities. In rightness it is not mandatory to take care of the natural instincts. Therefore, good is considered on the natural grounds and moral surrounds. On the other hand, right is wrapped around the realities of realistic world and practical approach.

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The real world and rightness

Real world and rightness has correlation between. In life there are many things which cannot be dealt with goodness but it needs rightness to act perfectly. The prefect explanation of rightness is the right is that which is most appropriate on a specific situation. Sometime moral fittingness cannot be entertained and there we supposed to take the most suitable action to the prevailing circumstances. When we take an example from practical happenings, we can observe that everyday many a time we engage ourselves into the situations which demands a response other than good. Therefore, for these circumstances the choice of right act is given to us to utilize it to get the best possible outcomes. Perhaps, it is mandatory to us to maintain the moral and ethical constituents in our actions no matter it are going to right or good.

The governance of good

Good is about best behavior, best morality and best ethnicity. It is observed that the governance of good can provide us the utmost best results. The best explanation of good is the absolute good or the best state of things conceivable, the best possible state of affairs in the world. It is human goodness which initiates the things which have a high degree of instinct. It can be easily understood with the example that if there is two actions are possible one is A which has more instinct value than the other B. But if A has less goodness duly considering its high instinct value and B has more goodness than instinct value. The B would be preferable than A on the ground of governance of good. Therefore, good is far away from right.


In the analysis of article by G.E Moore the philosophy presented has deep relation with the practical happenings of mankind. There are two definite aspects of actions one is right and the other is good. Both have diverse division when it comes to the practical situation. As defined above the definition of each one, it would be good to understand the definitions generally. As a matter of action and reaction all depends on the prevailing circumstance. If there is practical circumstance then it is mandatory to deal them professionally and profession needs a practical approach means right approach towards reacting to the actions. On the other hand, good is a state of human goodness and to determine the best state of affairs to get the best results morally.              


Life is so strange no one can predict it. Therefore, life is an ongoing process which never ends till death. In the preceding time of life several hundred moments come which urge humans to take actions on rightness or goodness. However, it is matter of prevailing situation and the state of mind of a human being who is supposed to take action. Both right and good actions are living around us in the materialist world. But, an appropriate sense of reaction and suitable selection of a reaction can grant the best results no matter it are right or good. Therefore, it is a matter of circumstance and a matter of understanding which influence you to take the decision for best possible results. 

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