Elevator System


The report is devoted to the subject of elevator systems on the ship. It provides detailed descriptions of the peculiarities of maintenance, testing, safety and other related issues. There are two elevators on the ship: one of the elevators is used for the engine and all twelve decks, while the other elevator is used only for the engine with four floors. 

Elevator system

Every control panel for the floor landing is equipped with the buttons for call, lamp for lift position and a direction lamp. The latter shows the direction for lift movement. When one needs to go upstairs, it is necessary to push the call button “up”. Going downstairs, it is necessary to push the call button “down”. The operation of the lift is automated, so one gets the door opened at the required floor. If the call button is pressed, the direction lamp is switched on. It is switched off after the lift gets to the required floor. There are operating buttons on the lift operating panel which are meant for the direction lamp, the floors, and the lamp of the lift position. Having entered the lift, one can reach the operating panel and press the operating button for the required floor. The closing of the lift door is done automatically, and the elevator starts going to the required floor. If the call button is pressed in the framework of the lift operation, it stops at every of the floors. Afterwards, it moves to the floor that has been required initially. The button “Door Open” should be used if the shutting door is supposed to be opened again.

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Emergency and Safety Methods

When there is a need to ensure that the operating lift can stop abruptly with a passenger in the cage, there are certain measures to be taken to guarantee safety:

1. In case the cage is in approximately 20 cm from the landing floor level, and there is a need in stopping the elevator, a passenger should open the elevator door and step outside.

2. If the elevator is in all pother positions and it has to be stopped in emergency, a passenger is supposed to push the buttons “Emergency Stop” and “Alarm”. The person should be calm and coordinate his or her actions with the outside assistant.

3. In case a person inside the elevator cannot communicate with the assistant, it is necessary to escape using the following steps: 

  • Double check if the button “Emergency Stop” is pushed.
  • Find the cover of the emergency exit on the cage ceiling and push it up.
  • Climb up from the cage ceiling to the hoist way top using the escape ladder to get outside.
  • Make attempts to get out of the lift cage only if the case is an emergency.

4. Provided that there is no reaction from the lift, operate the button “Reset” in the controller only in case the button “Emergency Stop” is not pushed.

Testing the Safety of Operation

1.  Telephone and operation panel in the cage:

  • The elevator goes down or up, it is necessary to stop it quickly. Push the button “Emergency Stop” and the button switch.
  • The normal operation of the bell can be tested by pushing the button “Alarm”.
  • The normal operation of the emergency telephone in the elevator, if any, is to be tested as well. 

2.  Door of the cage:

  • The cage door at the landing should be closed. Provided that the door to the cage is open, one is supposed to push the buttons “Down” or “Up” to make the operation of the lift impossible.
  • It is necessary to clean the sealing prove of the cage door.
  • It is necessary to oil the cage door pin.

3.  Emergency Exit:

The ceiling emergency exit from the cage is to be pushed up to open. It is necessary to make sure that the cage is not operated at the moment.

4.  Emergency lamp and illumination:

  • Switch the light by turning On and Off in the operating panel to do the test of illumination. 
  • Turn off the breaker of the lamp circuit in the machine room control panel to make sure that the cage emergency lamp is switched on.
  • Push the button “Emergency Stop” to make sure that the cage emergency lamp is on.

Testing and inspecting the machinery operation

1.  Cage operation panel:

  • It is necessary to use the switch Manual / Automatic to change the modes on the cage operating panel from “Automatic” to “Manual”. 
  • The operations of upward and downward movement are done with the help of corresponding buttons “UP” and “DOWN”.
  • It is necessary to check the operation of panel switches by changing the modes of the switch “Safety” from the mode “Normal” to the mode “Stop”. It is a must to check if the panel fitting bolts, connections and contacts are in the proper condition. If the switch “Manual – Auto” is not used, it is dangerous to push the button to operate the lift on another floor. In that case, the operation is done using the switch “Safety” in the panel.

2.  Limit switch cam:

  • Fitting condition loosening.
  • Cam fitting condition.

In case the floor landing error is significant, it is necessary to adjust it by using the cage limit switch cam or the limit switch by moving it in the trunk up and down.

In some cases, the level error can be caused by the brake shoe. Thus, it is necessary to re-read the provisions of the section manual that contains information regarding the brake mechanisms and methods of adjustment.

3.  Device of governor safety:

  • Bolt loosening, fitting condition, etc.
  • Parts lubricating, oiling.

4.  Wire rope:

  • Check of the fixed wire rope tension condition.
  • The cage is operated with the help of cage operating panel. It should be stopped at the position of adjoining of the cage and counterweight.
  • The wire ropes should be placed horizontally at the side of the cage one by one. The next stage is checking if the application of force to every rope is the same. In case the force is applied not in the same way, it should be adjusted. The counterweight side should be adjusted as well accordingly.

5.  Lubricator:

  • The oil quantity is to be checked. 
  • In case of small oil dripping to rail, the reason can be the damage of the cotton rope functions. Thus, it is necessary either to replace the cotton rope or to wash the cotton rope with gasoline or benzine. 


It is necessary to immobilize and lock out the elevator. It is important to place a warning with the notice that the elevator cannot be used on every landing. Besides, there should be a public announcement for the staff not to use the elevator. Every month, the condition of the elevator should be tested, maintained and checked. Moreover, every time one enters the elevator, it is advisable to take a portable radio inside. The hazards and peculiarities of the job are discussed at daily morning meetings.  

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