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A college is a learning institution where individuals go for training in their careers of choice. Students from secondary schools join various colleges in order to pursue their desired courses and achieve their desired careers in life. Colleges are instrumental in creating a job market that is made up of individuals with the ability to perform various tasks to the best of their abilities. There has been a debate on the role of colleges in helping nurture individuals to discover their potential. In addition, the expenses incurred in colleges have raised numerous questions from different quarters. The role of college dropouts in saving America has been brought to the limelight as such individuals make many discoveries.

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This essay explicates various aspects relating to college education in America.

The role of colleges in the United States of America has raised many unanswered questions. Individuals feel that the role of colleges should be clearly defined in order to bring out the exact role of such institutions in America. Many students claim, “Colleges would help us grow intellectually” (Gutting). Other students have a feeling that colleges would only help only help them reach their dream jobs. This thinking has been criticized and seen as lack of ambition in life. College education should not be perceived as a gateway to reaching the dream career but should be perceived as a stepping-stone for knowledge acquisition and ultimately intellectual growth. This education has its failures that could arise from unfair selection and admission of students, and there is increased rate of dropouts. This means that college education is declining at a faster rate in America. The poor standards in the quality of college education arise from the lack of engagement between teachers and students hence making it difficult to transfer knowledge. It is a high time that people change their thinking about the role of college. They are not only used for education and building careers among individuals. It is vital to note the colleges are vital because they transfer permanent knowledge among various individuals in the society.

Students being admitted into various colleges across America have to incur extremely high costs in order to be accepted. College fees have been escalating at an abnormal rate compared to the one that was initially projected. The high costs of accessing training in colleges have made it difficult for most students to complete their studies, as they cannot afford. Parents have to struggle and get the funds to send their children to colleges for training. The higher costs have made it difficult for most students and have turned colleges into business enterprises that are interested in making profits as possible. This has led to the increase in the total number of college dropouts in America. A college degree used to be perceived as a treasure because anyone who possessed it was above others. With the increasing college costs, most individuals are gradually losing interest by believing that they could become millionaires even without college degrees (Cohan). Many American youths and parents are reconsidering their positions especially when dealing with the matter relating to college education. They consider it a worthless investment that is only there to drain the available funds. Those individuals who are lucky to access college education are the only ones who perceive it as having values. The New York Times asserts that, “most people both in position to raise funds or get sponsorship have invested in college education.” In addition, government should be able to create employment for the youths who earn a college degree. This would help prevent occurrences such as the political uprisings in the Middle East and some African countries.

College dropouts have made significant discoveries at the global scenario. This has left most individuals wondering whether the dropouts are more valuable in America compared to the real graduates. Those who end up acquiring college degrees have not significant discoveries, as they remain confined to their areas of specialization. They have not ventured into the world of knowledge in order to see what they could deliver. In most circumstances, classroom skills are only vital in giving individuals advantages in a formal market (Ellsberg). This is especially seen in job markets where there exist the principles of job specifications and job specialization. Most parents in America are trying to change their minds on issues relating to college education. They perceive it a wasteful activity that would not add adequate value to the student. Employers are also reconsidering their position by hiring individuals with the required knowledge and experience instead of relying on graduates from colleges. These individuals may never deliver their best in case they are assigned the respective courses dealing with their areas of specialization. College dropouts are making their living from self-started businesses that may end up spreading to the entire world (Cohan). They employ their natural knowledge in living better lives in the world.

In conclusion, a college is an institution for higher learning that would assist learners train in their areas of specialization. The role of colleges in the society should be to promote the transfer of knowledge and the application of the acquired knowledge appropriately. Dropouts have made vital discoveries in America compared to the graduates. This has made them millionaires. College education is becoming more expensive as the years advance, and some parents and students are opting to keep off college degrees in order to evade such costs.

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