A diagnostic essay is only one of the essays that students may get from a professor. Evidently, it requires special skills and knowledge that will allow you to show your best. Working on the essay, you have to take into account all the demands and standards. In most cases, it is a common task for the students who start a course. A diagnostic essay is not to check what you have learnt. Your level of academic performance does not matter here. The professor needs to know the level of skills you have to plan the course. The key aim of writing it is to diagnose or test, not to assess. The teaching staff has a particular audience with a certain level of knowledge and skills and it is necessary to know how to organize the process of teaching effectively.

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There are different diagnostic essay topics, but the most important thing is that the time given for writing is limited. The deadlines are strict and there is a challenge of addressing all the requirements within the allowed time. Research is not required in this task as the time is little.

We have prepared a tutorial for the students who want to be ready for the completion of the task. First of all, we want you to understand what a diagnostic essay actually is and how you can start working on it. We will tell you a lot about its format and steps to take. More than that, we offer you expert tips and innovative ideas that will let you show how creative you are. You will be able to write a unique paper with our professional writing help. Please note that with EssaysLab.com, you will get professional help in any field of writing. Read the guide and get to know more about academic writing!

Diagnostic Essay Prompts: How to Make Your Writing Great

The definition of a diagnostic essay presents it as a method of evaluating the argument for its weaknesses and strengths. One of the key aims of writing it is to specify the main viewpoints of the author to guide the readers. The latter ought to understand what the writer wants to tell them and there have to be no misunderstandings in it. So, this is a piece of writing aimed at making it clear which level of skills in a particular course or discipline the student has.

The reasons of assigning diagnostic essays can be the following:

  • To evaluate the level of English and skills of using the language.
  • To identify the scope of knowledge in politics, history, literature, philosophy, or some other subject.
  • To analyze the level of using English grammar.
  • To continue studies in another school.
  • To set the level of studies: general or advanced.
  • To take examinations.
  • To apply for a grant, job, scholarship, etc.

It goes without saying that without the knowledge of genuine diagnostic essay meaning, it will be more difficult for you to produce a good impression on your teachers.

Diagnostic Essays: How to Make a Good Start

So, it is time to get down to writing. Have you got a specific title for your text? If you have not, it is up to you to choose one. For sure, it is a responsible task, but it is not too challenging even for an inexperienced student. Actually, the subject matter can be so broad that you have virtually no limitations in your selection. You do consider that the main objective of writing a diagnostic essay is not to reveal your particular knowledge on some topic but to demonstrate your general awareness and understanding of studies as such.

Now it is time to consider the aspects you will cover in your writing. Take into account the standards of structuring the essay and make three clear paragraphs in the main body of the text. Try to fit the content of the paper into the required length if there is word count mentioned in the instructions. Get straight to the topic without any generalized ideas about the subject. The readers have to get to the key ideas at once and then get more evidence and explanations in the next paragraphs.

The key part of any writing is its thesis statement. You put forward the key idea, giving a concise summary of the text in a sentence or maximum two sentences. It is essential to pay enough attention to writing a thesis statement as it is the basis for the entire essay.

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Topics for Your Diagnostic Essay

You have already understood that it is possible to write this essay about anything in the world. Obviously, you may try to guess which direction has to be the best. However, it is always reasonable to ask the teacher directly and leave all the doubts behind. If the paper is to evaluate your knowledge of previous topics on literature, language, or history, it is clear what you can write about. Even with the prompts, the students always have sufficient freedom to show that they are creative, capable of profound analysis, and innovative thinking.

Definitely, unique topics are preferable when it is possible to make a choice. We recommend you to get the topic you are really interested in. Thus, you will be prepared to writing and the instructor will see that the set of your skills is impressive. Have a look at the list of topics you can use in your writing:

  • Are sleep patterns of students influenced by college life today?
  • What is the impact of human activity on the climate change?
  • Leisure time: how can one use it in a proper way?
  • Is your behavior impacted with your dominant culture?
  • Cheating at elections: how do people do that?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of online studying
  • Printed books vs. e-books
  • Who would you invite to the dinner if you could choose among any living or dead persons?
  • What is your favorite success story?
  • Define being an American
  • Impact of fear on human life and relationships
  • Impact of different ethnic backgrounds on your personality
  • What are your long-term and short-term goals?
  • Criteria of beauty
  • Name four books which have produced the greatest impact on you, explain.
  • What makes you a unique personality?
  • It is possible to replace teachers with interactive content?
  • Impact of political personalities on you
  • Stereotyping: is it possible to overcome this habit?
  • Typical problems of present-day families.

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Writing an Outline to a Diagnostic Essay

No worries about writing this new type of papers. Having studied a diagnostic essay definition, you realize that it is actually not really different from other kinds of similar assignments. For sure, it is important to organize your time and plan your writing. An outline is a great solution for that. We recommend you to keep to a traditional structure of having five paragraphs: the introduction, three paragraphs of the body, and the conclusion. Also, you should pay special attention to giving your personal opinion and making a thesis statement effective.

A common outline includes:

  • Introduction

Learn how to start a diagnostic essay to make it really impressive. A strong statement in the opening sentence can make the tone of the text right. Your readers expect to know which topic you are going to discuss and your introduction is to give this answer to them. Writing the first paragraph, you open the door to the main part of your essay. In case of any mess in this part, the readers will remain puzzled and embarrassed with your writing.

  • Paragraphs of the Body

Look at a nice diagnostic essay sample to see a typical structure good writers use in the text. The number of paragraphs in the body is to be three or more. Every new paragraph ought to focus on a specific key issue from the introduction. The arguments in these issues ought to be comprehensive and clear. Try to introduce as much of your personal experience as possible into your writing. Make your thoughts look diverse and creative. Check whether each of your ideas refers to the thesis from the introduction. Do not hesitate to incorporate some valuable insights if they are related to the topic chosen.

  • Conclusion

Now it is time to sum up your diagnostic writing. One or two sentences of the final thoughts are enough to reflect on what has already been said. Repeating the thesis statement is the wrong idea, but it is essential to refer to it indirectly in the final paragraph. No new ideas are allowed after the body is ready. Still, the conclusion is to mention every key finding from your writing.

Mind the rules of proper citation; otherwise, your use of the sources may result in plagiarism. Check instructions to see which style you have to follow: MLA, APA, Turabian, Chicago, or any other. Get our help if you see that you cannot cope.

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Tips on Writing a Diagnostic Essay

Follow our recommended steps to be confident in your work on a diagnostic paper. Our writing helpers have shared professional tips and guidelines for you to know how to avoid mistakes and make your text top notch.

Let us have a look at the tricks from our writers:

  • Keep calm:

Stress never contributes to success. Panicking will not let you concentrate on your thoughts. Instead, you will feel not focused at all.

  • Select the right topic:

You will write a fantastic diagnostic essay only if you are well aware of the topic. More than that, you have to be excited about it.

  • Get a proper understanding of the question / prompt:

Are you sure that everything is clear in the task? You need to settle on the right question; otherwise, you will waste your time writing irrelevant answers. Start writing only after you have no doubt that the question to answer is clear to you.

  • Pay attention to a logical flow:

Your ideas have to be in order. The flow of your thoughts is to be logical as the readers do not like to feel confused. Focus on a well-structured conclusion to give the final touches to your writing!

  • No rush:

Consider the time allowed for your assignment and plan it accordingly. Do not start writing your paper straight away. Try to find a brilliant diagnostic essay example to analyze its strengths. Figure out the key arguments for your own writing. Work on an impressive outline. Make a draft of your essay conclusion. Your task is not to get confused and not to embarrass your audience. Get the right direction and follow it.

  • Do proofreading / editing:

After an effective diagnostic essay outline and actual writing, it is time to finalize the process with the stage of checking for mistakes in vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. Ignoring this important step may cause a lot of troubles notwithstanding great content of the essay.

A first-rate essay is always comprehensive. No aspect is left uncovered. The author ought to refer to the figures and facts relevant to the subject. You write it to let the professor analyze what you can do. Show your best!

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Get Diagnostic Essay Help from Great Experts

Get Diagnostic Essay Help from Great Experts
It is useful to be aware of the rules related to diagnostic writing. Starting a new course, you will be happy to apply this knowledge and get some extra points. This essay will show your capabilities and inclination to be successful in academic assignments. Unfortunately, not everybody can demonstrate that the skills of using vocabulary and structuring the content are brilliant. Still, it is not a problem at all! You will never get into trouble with your academic tasks if you trust us and rely on our help. In case you have any worries or doubts, contact our customer support managers and seek help from them.

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