Following the requests of many students, we have created a common biotechnology topics list that covers all interesting topics in this subject. All you need to do is to choose one and develop a great essay.

    1. Should the research of mechanical reproduction technology be limited? Why?
    2. Discuss the concept of mechanical reproduction from an ethical perspective.
    3. Discuss whether health insurance plans should cover infertility technology?
    4. State your position whether egg donors and their children have rights to a relationship?
    5. Suggest your position on the compensation of sperm and egg donors.
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  1. Do you believe that regenerating human limbs can become a reality in the nearest future?
  2. How do we define death? When the individual can be defined as dead?  Should the researchers introduce some changes in the “brain death” definition?
  3. Explain whether bypass surgeries should be utilized as a standard treatment for type 2 diabetes?
  4. Explain whether there should be some limitations to the scientific investigation of humans?
  5. What is the most effective treatment for mental illness?
  6. What can be the potential dangers of brain-controlling technologies?
  7. What makes people human?
  8. Explain the concept of the dignity of human life and discuss how biomedical workers observe this concept in medical situations?
  9. Explain whether DNA information is important in forming a human identity?
  10. How does cloning change the value of human life?
  11. Discuss what should define human racial identity? Point out to the DNA, appearance, family and, finally, cultural environment aspects.
  12. Will virtual reality technologies change people?
  13. How an increase in technology use can influence the rise of mental illness?
  14. Discuss the ways of solving the genetic diseases problem?
  15. Should people be involved in Ancestry DNA testing?
  16. Tell what genetic engineering projects should receive the best funding?
  17. Is virtual reality possible in the nearest future?
  18. Discuss controlling brains with technology from an ethical perspective.
  19. Should people consider organ donation for them and their loved ones?
  20. Should the National Institute of Health, which supports research projects without immediate practical applications, give more funding grants to practical research projects which promote medical help to individuals?
  21. Should human cloning be banned?
  22. Discuss the ethical aspect of using tissue from animals in people?
  23. Are there any reasons to believe that organ donors feel pain?
  24. What is the best way to help patients who have lost a limb?
  25. How can the unwanted pregnancies problem be solved? Provide sound evidence.
  26. Do you agree that surrogacy should be actively promoted among military wives?
  27. Discuss the ethical aspects of carrying someone else’s child?
  28. Analyze the importance of regulations of international surrogacy?
  29. Explain whether organ donors should be given pain medications?
  30. Discuss the problem of rising number of people with Type 2 diabetes in the United States and suggest the ways of its solving.
  31. Explain the cause of the recent increase in diabetes in the U.S.?
  32. Are there any people or institutions that can decide the limits of genetic engineering usage?
  33. Discuss the limits of the research on virtual reality?
  34. Make an evaluation of the role of faith/religion in making decisions about reproductive technology usage?
  35. Explain whether the humans should seek ways to control the brain with technologies?
  36. Discuss the concept of self? Can it be discussed by scientific investigation?
  37. Is human life more valuable than animal life?
  38. Discuss the benefits and shortcomings of virtual reality technologies?
  39. Explain whether using embryonic stem cells is necessary.  Will technological innovations make these obsolete?
  40. Do you consider human cloning a good or bad idea?
  41. Explain whether you consider organ donation a good or bad experience for everyone involved? Support your answer.
  42. During the war, should the factor of the medical costs of soldiers, who will return wounded, be considered?
  43. Are there any reasons, apart the poor health conditions, to use surrogates?
  44. What are the child`s rights in a case of surrogate pregnancy?
  45. Does the science have explanation about who the people really are?
  46. Explain the importance of finding the alternative treatment for mental illnesses.
  47. Discuss whether adopting frozen embryos should be encouraged more widely in the contemporary society?
  48. Discuss whether surrogate pregnancy is an optimal way for a couple to get a baby.
  49. Should infertility technologies be regulated?
  50. Analyze the importance of having a genetic connection with the children.
  51. Discuss whether people with diabetes or obesity have to pay more for health care. Support your rationale.

Of source, this biotechnology topics list can be extended. However, we guarantee that selecting a good topic and developing it well, you will be able to impress your instructor with the professional approach to work. Hopefully, our biotechnology topics list will help you reach academic success and improve your academic performance!

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