This is how it works

  1. Enter your account with the username (email) and password you  have chosen at your first order.
  2. Go to “Affiliate program” and fill in the form with your customer’s number then send it to your friend.
  3. After your friend receives the invitation and decides to order high quality paper from you’ll get ATTENTION! – 10%  from every order  your friend  makes with us.(e.g. you friend orders for 50$ and you get 5$ to your account)
  4. Moreover, you will receive additional bonus from friend’s friends’ orders. For example: the friend that you referred to us will tell his/her friend and he/she will decide to order a paper from us - you’ll  get bonus  even from that order! For more info see the table of percentages below.
  5. The 10% bonus will be sent to your account. It can be used for ordering your own custom writing assignment, or transferring to other EssaysLab account or it can be released to your bank account.