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EssaysLab.com has been operating in the academic writing marketplace for over five years now, and we have met countless students who constantly struggle to improve their written work and get better results. This is not surprising since a lot of students are just not familiar with the different genres of writing and the various formatting styles they are expected to use. Sequence essays are just one of the many types of writing there is. And if you are not familiar with this type of writing and how it should be approached, then you are not very likely to get high grades for your assignment. For this reason, we highly recommend you acquaint yourself with the basic principles of writing a sequence essay and apply your newly-acquired knowledge to creating a great paper.    

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You can hardly be blamed for not understanding every type of essay. Every student nowadays is very busy. There is no doubt that various coursework, exams, and other scholarly commitments create a great deal of responsibility and some students just cannot cope with everything. As well as this, many students have to take care of families and/or there are obligations to relatives and friends. Every individual needs a certain amount of support and attention, making it impossible for students to always get the best results in their academic endeavors. With so much going on, an increasing number of students are achieving poor grades. They either miss deadlines or fail to meet the instructions given by their tutors or course supervisors. If you belong to this group of students, you need no longer worry. EssaysLab.com is on hand to help with your writing projects!

Sequence Essay: What Is It and How to Write It Effectively

A sequence essay is a paper that is logical and comprehensible, and the events in it are usually described chronologically. The purpose of a sequence essay is to describe the events the way they happened and help the readers trace the cause-and-effect relationships between them. If you are not sure how to write a sequence essay for school or simply do not have time for this task, the experts from EssaysLab.com.com are ready to come to your rescue.

Consider the following aspects while working on your sequence essay:

  1. Know the topic. Before you start writing, check your understanding of the sequence of events. Let us say you want to write about the life of Nina Simone. First of all, do some research into her life, learn about the way she became a singer, make sure you know her albums and the order in which they were released, etc. This will help you establish credibility and convince the readers that you know what you are talking about.
  2. Prioritize. Once you have completed your research, you have to decide which information will be included into your paper. Naturally, you cannot write about everything you know because your essay will be disorganized and shallow. To avoid this, prioritize.
  3. Choose the order. Now it is time to choose the order in which the events will be described. This one is easy in sequence essays because they have to describe the events in a chronological order.
  4. Revise it and then proofread it. After you are done with writing, take a pause and then read the paper aloud. If something does not make sense or sounds wrong, revise it. The information must be clear or the readers will get confused.
  5. Use the outline. This rule applies to all essay types but reminding you about it will not hurt. A sequence essay must have an introduction, main body, and conclusion. For instance, if you are writing about the Bronte sisters, introduce them in the first paragraph of the essay. Describe their life in the following paragraphs. Tell about their life from their childhood to adulthood and discuss their contributions in sequence.

Types of Sequencing in Writing

  • Chronological Sequencing

The word chronological takes its origin from the Latin ‘chron’ and ‘logos’, which mean ‘time’ and ‘science’ accordingly. Chronological sequencing is most suitable for historical accounts because history is best described in the form of narrative writing. Similarly, use chronological writing when you are dealing with a directional process analysis or a paper that analyzes cause-and-effect relationships.

Because chronological writing is connected with time, the success of this paper also depends on the writer’s ability to use transitional statements and bridge the ideas. The effective use of chronological transitions makes it easier for the readers to trace the development of the events.

Sometimes writers choose chronological sequencing when it is inappropriate for the topic, thus making a big mistake. An essay should not be arranged chronologically just because you know that an essay is a process that happens over a certain period in time. For example, use the transition ‘Finally’ to announce the last point of the discussion only when it really occurs last in the story. If something is not ‘final’, choose another transition. If the essay describes a collection of events that could be presented in another reorder, then ‘Finally’ means ‘this is the last thing I want to describe in this essay’ rather than ‘This is the result of the process that has been described above’.

  • Spatial Sequencing

Latin ‘spatium’ means ‘in space’. Therefore, spatial sequencing means presenting something according to their location. Spatial sequencing might also refer to the description of progressive movement. Some types of directional process analysis and certain kinds of descriptive writing become more effective when the writers arrange them using steps and details. Similar to chronological sequencing, the use of transitional words influences the quality of spatial sequencing. With the help of appropriate spatial transitions, a writer can coordinate locations and directions, put elements in juxtaposition, etc. For this reason, many of the transitional phrases used this way include prepositions.

Since topics that require spatial sequencing are less common than those involving other forms of sequencing, writers rarely face issues linked to special sequencing. At the same time, a ‘guided tour’ discussion is built on the intuitive use of spatial sequencing.

  • Emphatic Sequencing

The adjective ‘emphatic’ is a derivative of ‘emphasis’, which originated form a Greek word that means ‘exhibit’. Emphasizing means creating a more powerful impression. Certain stories are simply made for emphatic sequencing and not for other sequence writing types. They include persuasions, cause-and-effect discussions, classifications / divisions, comparison-and-contrast, etc. A sequence essay that uses emphatic sequencing consists of a progressive series of the writer’s impressions about the subject.

Sequence Essay Example

We Can Help with Sequence Essays

Writing a sequence essay can be quite a challenge, and even the most experienced students find this to be the case. Essentially, with this type of assignment, you will need to choose a few objects, events, or concepts and develop these into a certain logical and sensible sequence. If, for instance, you choose pain as your topic, your task will be to develop a logical and rational sequence e.g. what pain means, the different ways patients perceive pain, how culture influences the perception of pain, what methods are most commonly used for managing pain in the nursing sector, and so on. While this is merely a random example, you should be able to clearly see the idea behind a sequence essay.     

The first thing you should do is draft a set of steps – or a sequence – which should be followed in the course of writing your essay. Furthermore, this sequence of steps will influence the research you do. They will enable you to build a complete picture of the topic you are writing about. They will help you see the type of information or data you need to collect to defend your thesis statement and how best to structure your work so that its order is logical. Essentially, your task is to build a legible and logically-written paper. It is possible you will also have to show your suggested sequence is the best one for the chosen topic. If any of this presents you with any difficulty, feel free to contact EssaysLab.com. We offer an excellent writing service and any of our professional writers will be delighted to assist you. Getting help from us is a great deal more reliable and better than, say, depending on free examples you find online since many of these are full of plagiarism.

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