Which Personal Characteristics and Motivating Factors have Led You to Pursue the Profession of Physical Therapy


Physical therapists are medical experts who help patients with a disabling condition, which includes back pains, heart failure, fractures, head injuries, and many other complications. Their effort aims at restoration of the normal body functioning. They focus on improvement of the body mobility, mitigation of pain, and reduction of permanent physical mobility.

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Career as a physical therapist is very attractive. This is because plenty of vacancies for the therapists are available. Physical therapists are concerned with maintenance of the overall body fitness. A degree in physical therapist education is the one of the condition for one to qualify to work in this profession. This should be supported with a doctoral degree or masters in the same field. A physical therapist is required to have done extensive coursework in biology, chemistry, and physics. In addition, one needs an advanced specialization in biomechanics, human growth and development, and therapeutic procedures.

Problem statement

Besides the qualification required to work as a physical therapist, other considerations also motivates a person to join this career. People believe the doctor’s profession is lucrative in the careers section. Doctors sacrifice a lot to pursue this career. This leads to assertions that its response depends on an individual in question, which provides a reason for the personal characteristics and motivating factors that have led me to pursue the profession of physical therapy? Therefore, this report seeks to answer the question above.


The methodology used in gathering the information is through self evaluation. This is because I only know the information required. Therefore, personal assessment is essential for obtaining of the information. 


Following the assessment of self, it is clear that my interest to pursue a career as a physical therapist developed because of the following reasons. Firstly, Physical Therapy is a rewarding job that gives me an opportunity to help patients stand and provide experienced and compassionate care to the sick. The desire to make one recover from pains, and assume his normal life makes me pride to have achieved a lot. This provides a sense of belonging because it positions me as a problem solver. In addition, the career fulfills being part of the solution and not part of the problem, which I believe in.

Another reason is to help patients stand on their feet after having stroke, heart attack, and surgery. As a Physical Therapist, I pride myself to be providing help to those who are unable to work and enjoy good health. This is very useful in increasing their productivity by mitigating the impact of their disability. In addition, helping patients stand on their feet after undergoing a surgery will help in complimenting the work done by the surgeon. In the long-run, this will help bring respect to the medical profession at large.

Practicing as a physical therapist will be the fulfillment of my goal of offering an experienced and compassionate care. In this profession, people are taught crucial skills that will assist in handling the patients and providing support in what they are suffering from. The skills obtained are applicable in many fields of medicine. This gives a physical therapist an upper hand in discharging their duties. In addition, these skills will help in collaborating with other medical experts in making the medical services a success.

I believed that my career in this profession is because of the “calling” in life. My love and fascination for Physical Therapy started during my childhood. I remember helping my peers whenever we used to play together in the school and providing such help professionally is now part of me. Therefore, the willingness of providing support to those in pains or in a worse physical condition started developing since childhood.

Another passion for this field was fueled by the perception, which I hold dearly to the present. I perceived patient care as an advanced form of the customer service where the goal is no longer to close a deal but to make sure that all the anxiety of the patient is adequately addressed, and their questions answered. This is perception has changed my motivation in the medical field.

The belief that the common denominator for all; health care is patient care, which I cherish has made me realize the usefulness of the physical therapist. This is because for one to effect change in the health care then one should begin by tackling patient needs. I made the decision to be a Physical therapist as it aimed at solving the patients’ needs. Moreover, this belief is also supported by the relative significance of health in an individual’s life. This is because an individual only functions well when healthy, and stands to be less productive on the onset of even the slightest ailment.


The motivations to pursue a career in physical therapist depends on an individual. This is because the motivations vary from one person to another. In my case, the motivation was as a result of the positive perception of the field. Secondly, the belief in humanity; helping those in dire need to make the world worth living. Thirdly, the benefits that accrue in the profession played a major role in seeking that career path. Finally, the goals that I set from childhood also acted as a driving force. This was fulfilment of the ‘calling’ that I witnessed from childhood. Therfore, one’s motivation in a particular field depends on both internal and the external factors.

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