Arnolds Devil Image

Joyce Carol Oates in her piece of work entitled "Where are you Going, Where have you been", creates a very unique charac... read more >>

Free Verse Poem

A BAD AND GOOD LEADER Every day and night the clock ticks, seconds, minutes, hours, days, years Each time a new addition... read more >>

Survey of World Literature

Confucius used instructional method of teaching since this method can be easily followed and, therefore; one is able to... read more >>

Number Our Days

The book under analysis is an anthropological research Number Our Days written by Barbara Myerhoff. Since 1978 when the... read more >>

Analysis of Russian Tales

Many writers, readers and scholars have shown a great interest in European folktale since 1696 when famous writes such as... read more >>

Comparing Angelou and Tan

Maya Angelou and Amy Tan each write about being a young minority person in an American culture. Angelou’s short story “Champion of the World” tells about a boxing match of African American boxer Joe Louis against a white contender and how the whole African American community was glued to the TV set and awaited the end of the match with bated breath because a loss or victory of their black guy meant a lot for their lives amidst racial inequality. read more >>

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