America After Civil War

America has undergone various changes to be where it is today. Americans had to deal with different issues such as racism and slavery for this country to grow. Therefore, this essay discusses the various diplomatic changes that took place after the civil war in 1920 in America.

One of the major diplomatic changes in America after 1920 was the issue of slavery. Some people particularly the Blacks had worked as slaveries for quite a long time. They were mistreated by the wealthy merchants. After the civil war, slavery ceased to be an economic issue but a political one. There was the formation of various anti-slavery movements. They played a vital role in enabling the slaves to move from the south to north parts where there were more priorities for them. This move enabled them to gain a vast knowledge of the world as some the Black-Americans were soldiers and would go out of the country regularly. Additionally, womens role changed, and they would engage in other activities other than home chores. These people started going to school like their White counterparts. The education enabled them to occupy top positions in various companies as well as joining other great professions. Therefore, the abolition of the slave trade was one of the diplomatic changes which brought economic growth as most people were educated. Additionally, there was remarkable economic growth because the African-Americans started viewing themselves positively and equal to the Whites thus boosting their morale at work.

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Another strategic change was the issue of migration. Prior this period, it was difficult for people to move from one country to another due to strict regulations that existed in the ports and other entry points. Furthermore, there were military forces that guarded the American boundaries to ensure that outsiders do not get in through borders. However, after the civil war, there was increased industrialization as most factories and companies were established. As such, there was a need to conduct trade with other countries. The investors required importing some materials while America needed to export some of its product. Everyone was busy making economic progress in the country. Consequently, the US government had to re-structure the regulation policies and allow people to move from one region to another freely. This step enhanced the relationship with other countries, and some people would even move from their countries to the US to search for better jobs and other opportunities which were beneficial to America. Ports were also opened so that people could transport heavy goods across the coastal line.

The American attitudes in politics also changed drastically. To begin with, women started venturing into politics which was initially dominated by men. They started realizing that women could also become good leaders just like the men. Additionally, democracy was allowed thereby allowing the citizens to vote for their leaders independently.

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The Americans attitudes changed as they embraced the mass culture. After the civil war, most Americans had a stable income and some invested in radios. Therefore, people purchased the radios for them to know what was happening around them as well as in other countries. The introduction of radio and other media gadgets such as television led to the integration of culture as they would learn how people from various regions wore and did other things. Additionally, the Americans started movies which played a vital role in expanding their knowledge and understanding other people.

There was also a change in the issue of racism. The minority groups such as the Hispanics and the Blacks were segregated on various platforms based on their appearance. The Whites viewed them as inferior because they looked different and their low economic class. However, activists like Martin Luther fought against the discrimination of color. He emphasized on the need to judge people based on character but not their appearances. When the minority groups started going to school and achieved excellently, some people changed their mentality about them. However, racial discrimination did not end immediately as there are still instances of discrimination currently.

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Some of the major philosophies that existed at that time were that women would never lead and that their role was to stay at home and take care of the children. Men were mostly the ones allowed to go to school and engage in productive economic activities such as military and so on. However, this mentality changed, and women were regarded necessary. They were allowed to access education while others engaged in leadership. There were also philosophies that land and slavery were the only sources of wealth in America. As such, wealthy merchants tried to grab as much land as they could and employed many slaves that would help them work on their properties. However, this idea changed during this time as people realized that they could make wealth through other means such as business.

Some of the strategic principles of America was to conduct business with other countries across the world. Involving with other nations helped America achieve this principle. Another principle was to enhance their military power to prevent invasion from the enemy. Involvement with other countries made this possible as the army would learn a lot from other nations that were superior then.

In conclusion, the civil war brought about significant diplomatic changes in America. The Americans changed their mentality about slavery and abolished it. Additionally, they realized that allowing migration was a suitable strategy to enhance business with other countries. Politically, women were encouraged to take various positions while racism was also minimized. All these steps were a proper foundation for the economic growth in America.

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