The Well Dressed Ape Book Review

Science has been a major contributor to how we as humans look at our immediate environment. This is because science has given us a lot of answers all along as to who we are, where we are coming from and where we as a race are heading to. I is obvious that life would not be the same without science around us. We have known what our DNA looks like through science and the same scientists have gone on ahead to tell us that we are most closely relate to the chimpanzees.

Some if not the majority of people living today would disagree on this issue since most of us tend to see the human race as a total superior being in comparison to all the other living things. We might have all the knowledge and power to do practically anything but science have told us that we are 99% related to the chimpanzees (Holmes,2009). These are animals that cannot talk nor do any intelligent thinking even closest to what the humans can do but in essence we are related in the closest way possible. We however have distinct traits both physical and psychological that differ us from the chimpanzees and these traits have evolved us into our current adaptations as humans.

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Most of the animals that live on earth have some kind of fur on their bodies. This in essence is a natural form of protection that the animals have adopted over time that is primarily used to protect the animals’ bodies from advanced climatic and weather changes that are witnessed in different places on earth. Some animals have extremely thick fur that acts as an insulator to keep the animals that live in the cold climates warm during the extremely cold periods. Some animals have little fur on their skins in adaptation to the hot climatic conditions that they live in. We as humans however have no fur on our bodies and what we have as hair in some parts of our bodies cannot come anywhere close to the fur found on chimpanzees. Those of us who find ourselves with unwanted hair have the knowledge and technical knowhow to get rid of it for the time being through various methods like shaving and waxing. There is a strict code that is unspoken amongst humans where women should not have hair elsewhere but their heads and the men must keep their hair neat and tidy if they have a beard.

We look at male facial hair as a sign of the men becoming adults and not in any way as a reflection as to how closely related we are to chimpanzees and other animals. As humans our limbs are adopted to function in different ways as compared to other animals and chimpanzees. Chimps have curved limbs that aid them in climbing and clinging on trees and tree trunks. We humans have straight limbs that assist us in functioning other more complex duties like walking upright and carrying objects. We can also be able to lie down flat in sleep while chimpanzees have the option to hang even upside down on branches in trees. Our adaptation to uprightness also gives us the advantage over other animals to engage in typing and other skills that the bent animals cannot perform. Carpentry and driving are also an added bonus for us humans since our straight limbs can allow us to do all this things and more.

Humans have evolved to the point where we are no longer hunters and gatherers in the wild. The chimpanzees are still primitive in this area and they have claws and teeth that are favorably adapted to this way of life unlike humans. Chimpanzees and other animals have claws that help them to claw their way through the forest and jungles in search of insects and other wild creatures to feed on 9Holmes, 2009). These claws are also adopted to withstand fighting and are thus assets to the wild animals as they use them for protection purposes. Humans have evolved teeth that are only adopted for chewing cooked and soft food items unlike the chimpanzees’.

When in the wild animals need to have good and reliable eyesight to assist them in tracing their enemies’ are even targets from afar. As humans we have a limited vision area that we use to look only at our immediate surroundings. Chimpanzees and other wild animals have sharper eye focus to ensure that they spot potential enemies from afar. The wild is a nasty place that only the fit survive and this is because all the animals tend to feature on other animals food chains and it is for this reason that the animals have to stay alert at all times as they may come in the path of their enemies at any time. Human beings do not have the advanced eyesight that wild animal’s posses to survive competitively in the wild.

Almost all of the animals on earth including humans and our closest relatives the chimpanzees have two sexes within our species. All the females have been developed and aptly developed to reproduce off springs that keep the species in a continuous developmental mode (Holmes, 2009). Human females usually are the primary home makers and look after the young for the rest of their lives. The chimpanzees on the other hand do give birth and go on to look after their off springs though for a minimal time line after which the young one has to go out alone and fend for itself. For us humans, as much as one also does live home to look for their own way in the world, the family bond always binds the mother, father and children forever (Holmes,2009). It is not unlikely to find older adults still living in their parents’ homes and some parents still taking care of their grown up children unlike the chimpanzees.

Above all else, we humans have the ultimate advantage over all the other living things on this planet. This is the power of an amazing brain that gives us all the knowledge to make positive decisions that affect how we live. We use our brains to think of new technology to take us to the next level while the other animals only live within the same mindset that they found themselves in.

We can make changes to our lifestyles to survive almost anywhere on earth while animals and chimpanzees, the so called closest relatives we have, cannot adapt to a change in their habitat. It is amazing the degree of things that the human brain can achieve and this has been demonstrated time and time again in the everyday living choices and changes that are thought up by people from all walks of life. New medical advancements are done every other day thanks to the brains of people and this saves a lot of lives.

Technology keeps evolving and this increases the general and overall quality of our lives enabling us to live a more socially and personally fulfilling lifestyle. Our brain is the most advanced one in the whole of living things and this has put us in a very superior level in comparison to all the other living creatures found on this planet. Not even the chimpanzees can come close to the level of intelligence that we human beings posses. This ultimately gives us the power to live our lives in a more advanced level as compared to all the other living things, thus giving us a more advanced quality of life.

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