Men in Black Review

This paper is a Book review of “Men in black: How the Supreme Court is destroying America” Mark, R Levin and Rush Limbaugh.

Mark, R Levin is a writer, a radio presenter, lawyer and also a national review contributor who uses his book “Men in black: How the Supreme Court is destroying America” to provide the readers with a critical analysis of how the American Judicial System operates. Mr. Levin is strongly opposed to the way the United States of America Supreme Court is operating and in the book he has indicated that it is one of the most corrupt public institutions in the country. And its actions are not intended at conserving the ideal requirements of the founding fathers but they have totally eroded the wishes and dreams that the founding fathers had for the country (Seligman, 2005).

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The book has also stated that the court follows an ideology-based activist agenda, which is said to exceed its powers within the government. In this book, the author explains some of the controversial decisions made by the court to be seen as a body that operated beyond its mandates; thus affecting the normal structure and operations of the government. In his book Levin has demonstrated on a case that raised a lot of eyebrows as in the case Marbury vs. Madison case this was a clear demonstration of how the Supreme Court gave itself excess authority thus breaching the country’s constitutional requirements (Levin, 2005).

The author further shows how the Justice system has deviated from the society’s norms this is because it has encouraged a new kind of social and cultural practice that were not encouraged in the past by the founding fathers. For instance the same sex marriages, right to abortion and right to privacy amongst other aspects that were made to be legal to the society. For this reason there has been mixed debates on the illegitimacy of these aspects this is as a result of the personal interest and external pressure on the judges this definitely results to the division in the American society on the most appropriate practice that is expected on them hence dividing the citizens on grounds of self ethics and the law of the land (Levin, 2005).

A critic of the “Men in black: How the Supreme Court is destroying America.”

The author of the book has managed to express his ideas in a very reasonable manner; this was in a way to put justice system of America on the spotlight, a factor that has resulted to the depilated state of the American society. Thus the book has strongly opposed and criticized the structures and operations of the Americas justice courts terming the court as the most corrupted unit that is involved in unfair treatment of the American citizens (Seligman, 2005).

The author of the book is very persuasive in addressing the state of the dilapidated Justice system; this is when he claimed that the justice system is composed of individuals who are vetted into the system in order to fulfill the wishes of the few people who hold power. This means that they are used by the ruling class to address and fulfill their selfish demands and interests, thus going against the wishes of the nation’s fathers, who wanted to see America as a nation that was free of corruption and exploitation of the poor and the less vulnerable people in the society (Limbaugh, 2010).

Men in Black also addresses on the extent of activism in the courts, this is when the book has highlighted on the issues that are seen as immoral and unexpected in the society are given the mandate of becoming laws that are well acknowledged by the law of the land. The author points out on issues such as same-sex marriages (Gay and Lesbian marriages), right of abortion amongst other rights that weren’t originally contained in the US constitution (Levin, 2005). The author also indicated that the judges of the Supreme Court work under close the scrutiny from activists and lobbyists who advocate for their respective societies to be registered and be given the mandate to perform their activities publicly without being considered as illegal.

This will definitely result to the courts making some of these aspects to become law (Ford, 2005). Thus creating a lot of anxiety on the society that they live in today, the lobbyists have always been advocating for the legalizing of same sex marriages and abortion as the unethical factors. With these demands of the lobbyists it had forced the judges to use their powers over the legislatures and the constitution and make these actions to be considered as lawful and any individual found engaged in these actions is not be charged of any offence against the law (Levin, 2005).

In conclusion, the author points out that the American judicial system is the key reason for the current issues in America, this is because the justice system has surpassed its limits to the extent of violating the constitutional requirements that were set by the founding fathers of the nation. As a result of the violation of the constitution, the justice system has been termed as a very corrupt institution that only fulfils the demands of the few rich individuals in the society. On the other hand it sidelines the majority and poor in the society, thus offering the society with biased judicial system that caters for a fraction of the society.

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