Los Angeles

Los Angeles, California, is an enormous city in the United States of America, faring well in various aspects. The city of Los Angeles is highly populated, a significantly good economy and high development class. This city from its foundation by the Spanish, and then under the Mexican rule, to its liberation by the Americans, has been a well-to-do city. Los Angeles has many activities that facilitate its growth, insulating it from inflation and economic depressions. In economic terms, Los Angeles has been doings relatively well, regardless of its large population. Initially, the population of Los Angeles was not high, but it has grown over time.

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However, Los Angeles needs to work on conserving the environments for a better future. The Los Angeles’ future depends on her capacity to take governor the environment today. This paper discusses the historical phases of Los Angeles; the previous, the current, as well as the forthcoming of the city.

From the early 1900s, Los Angles was a global leader in movie and film production. Most of the films showing and circulating in the world at that time mostly came from Hollywood; which was operating from Los Angeles. Apart from Hollywood, Los Angeles had other ten companies dealing in movies and film production before 1923. Being a global leader in movie production at a time when very few cities and states used to produce films was an added advantage for Los Angeles. The income collected from movie and film production at that time saved Los Angeles from the great depression. Regardless of the great depression, Los Angeles had a steady income from film production. Currently, Los Angeles leads in film production; it does not rank as high as it used to do.

Today, many cities and states specialize in film production, posing a steep competition for Los Angeles. However, Los Angeles has an added advantage since it has many decades experience in film production. Therefore, Los Angeles is doing relatively well in film production than many cities that have states film production lately. The future of film production is growing quickly towards digitalization. For Los Angeles to remain an icon in film production, it must put up with the pace of digitalization. Old programs and ways of film productions are eroding quickly, losing popularity and relevance. Since a los angle is a city with many institutions, it has an opportunity to utilize the educated elite from the institutions to step up film production. That way, it will remain a global leader in film production.

Los Angeles was a city that used to engage in spots from early 1900s. In 1932, Los Angeles held Olympic Games. Games have grown from those years and today los Angeles engages in diverse games. There are several national teams of soccer and other games. The future of sports is promising since previously games were not economic activities, but today they are. In the future, Los Angeles expects to develop in games and improve the way games are managed.

Los Angeles was a global oil producer in the early 1900s. At that time, oil produced in los angles accounted for roughly a quarter of total oil produced in the world. With high oil production, Los Angeles had a considerably steady economy. Oil production was empowering the economy of los angles, setting a stable base for developing and building up the economy. In later years, Los Angeles directed its focus in manufacturing reducing the emphasizes on oil production. Currently, los angles’ economy is built on manufacturing, which can be dated back to the Mexican-Americans war. During the combat, Los Angeles was used as a processing and manufacturing city, where the warfare supplies were mass-produced. Although manufacturing did not flourish hastily from that time, in modern times manufacturing is booming. An economy focusing more on manufacturing is far steadier than those depending on raw materials. Los Angeles is advancing quickly in technology. The future of manufacturing is inclining towards technological advancements. The fact that Los Angeles is doing great in technology advancements is promising. Technological advancements will see Los Angeles produce goods, which are marketable, hence remain a global industrial city.

In early years, Los Angeles had a relatively low population, which grew fast with the development. The population has been increasing steadily obvert the years to the current high population of four million. The population growth has now gone down, projecting a reduction or slow increment of the population. The high growth of population from the late 1900sw to today results from immigrations and globalization. The settlement of people from all over the world was the major cause of the high population in Los Angeles. Currently, the proportion of settling from other places has decreased hence the population increase is expected to slacken down. In addition, today, the Los Angeles residents give birth to one or a maximum of two offsprings, resulting to minimal population increase. Therefore, the Los Angeles population in future shall be slightly higher with reference to both the past and today.

Los Angeles, being a California city is an agricultural city. In California, agricultural products are highly produced. In Los Angeles, there is a big market for agricultural foods. The big market caters for local of Los Angeles, people from the larger California states and other states as well. Los Angeles also has an international market that deals in international products. The international market is another source of steadiness in the Los Angeles economy. The future of agriculture and marketing in Los Angles is dependent on genetically modified foods to a large percentage. Agriculture is quickly taking the shape of genetically modified organisms.

Los Angeles is a city that had a very beautiful culture. From the time it was founded, it had a hybrid culture since it was occupied by several races and groups from different regions. This diversity of culture is held to date. Los Angeles has a very diverse population hence a very diverse culture. After many years of living together, the diversity in the cultures of inhabitants reduces. In the near future, the culture of Los Angeles will not be as diverse as it has been. Globalization is taking toll on the cultural diversity of Los Angeles, narrowing it to one global culture.

In conclusion, Los Angeles has been a city that does well economically from time memorial to today. However, with the advancement in technology and increased competition in the global market, Los Angeles needs to work on improving its productivity. Working on a manufacturing economy, Los Angeles has an added advantage over other cities and states. Los Angeles has a high potential of improving its economy for the future. The economy of Los Angeles depends on diverse aspects, all of which are considerably well performing. Film production, which has been a land mark in the economy and culture of Los Angeles, is quickly taking new shape. Los Angeles has to keep up with this pace top remain a global film producer. The cultural aspect of Los Angeles has been vibrant for many years. Globalization is quickly covering cultural beauty, and Los Angeles is not an exception. To uphold the culture of Los Angeles, the inhabitants and the government of Los Angeles ought to do something quickly.

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