Educational Goals

Nowadays, one of the most popular goals is the aim to be successful

I am not an exception; my concept of success comprises a challenging job with a high salary, a happy family, and a good education.

It is evident that each personality should try to do his/her best in learning during the whole life. I have always understood this fact, but, at the same time, it was obvious for me that my educational future had to include not only high school studies but also a college or a university as I desired to become a well-qualified professional. Of course, it was not enough for me to finish my education at these educational institutions as everything I needed was being well-educated. That is why I was sure that it will be more than significant for me to continue my education. In this case, it is noteworthy for me to work independently. This must be another kind of activity as, at school as well as in the college, one of my prominent goals was becoming cooperative. In our contemporary life, cooperation is an important aspect of human life as it is a complicated thing to achieve success without cooperation with others.

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Individual work on giving an added gloss to my professional skills is a way to become more educated. Another educational goal which has already been set for me is erudition. I desire to be well-educated not only in the branch I am going to work in but also in other branches of science, literature, music, and painting. Individual work is the only way for me to achieve this goal.

In conclusion, it is noteworthy to admit that the educational goals of mine can be considered to be my plans on education as, without education, it is impossible to achieve any goals in my life. For instance, one can not manage to be offered a good position without appropriate education whereas a happy family demands some psychological skills. A good education also teaches a personality to be tolerant and to take into consideration all opinions on any aspect of human life, and only, after this, to make a conclusion. That is why these human skills are another educational goal of mine.

On the other hand, achievement of all my goals takes much time as no personality in the world can learn everything in a short period of time. As a rule, this process takes years or even decades.

In order to make my education more productive, I divided all my educational goals into three groups: short-term goals, intermediate-term goals, and long-term goals. The first group includes learning some small pieces of material. In most cases, it could be a chapter of a textbook; learning a lot of material has never been my short-term educational goal as I consider that it is better to learn slower but more accredited. It is of common knowledge that a large piece of material which was learned in a short period of time is more likely to misunderstood or forgotten.

My intermediate-range achievements comprised not only improving my skills but also becoming more cooperative and creative. Studying is not only learning science; it also teaches a person to communicate with others and to work in a tem. Taking into consideration the fact that 1-2 years is a quite long period of time, I not only got acquainted with all my group mates but also understood their nature as well as their strong and weak points. It means that I achieved some psychological skills and, in this way, I achieved another goal of mine as this kind of skills is important not only in the professional work but also in everyday life of each personality.

My long-range achievement was similar to the ones I have set for myself in my life and for my educational future. It was a profound knowledge of all subjects I had an opportunity to study in my college. The proof of the achievement of the goal was various tests which had to be taken by me as well as my own understanding of all material which was studied. In order to control the level of my knowledge, I checked myself. In this way, I ascertained myself that my long-range goal was achieved.

On the other hand, my work was not the only thing which was significant for my short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term achievements. The administration, faculty, and other students played an integral role in this process, as well. I have always trusted all of them as I have never had any doubts about their desire to help me.

To begin with, the friendly atmosphere in my group helped me to achieve some knowledge; furthermore, my group mates have always been eager to support me and to provide some extra materials they were busy with studying. Moreover, our short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term goals were similar; this is the reason why it was more than easy for us to understand all educational necessities of each other and, in this way, we were able to identify the spheres where some kind of help was necessary for then or another student.

Furthermore, the administration and the faculty provided an enormous support for me

Their professionalism and good standing ensured me that their choice of textbooks as well as other materials is right as it is more than important for every student to use only reliable sources which were created by experienced and well-qualified authors. What is more, my teachers were also very helpful for me in achievement of my educational goals as they not only explained the necessary material but also advised me to choose those works which are really useful.

Finally, my parents supported me really much in achieving my educational goals. Their support was both financial and psychological. They have always tried to do their best in persuading me to be patient in my work even though, in some cases, the material was considered to be really complicated for understanding and analysis. This is the reason why I would never achieve any of my goals without their help.

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