Affiliate Program

Now you can earn 10% with each and every order that is placed by a person who comes with you. Besides, everyone who places an order with your recommendation also enjoys a perfect discount.

So, if you want to become profitable today, you should first place an order with us. Once you are ready, we will create a personal account for you. Then you will be able to use a special promo code that will also become available to your friends. Choose any means to share this code with your friends, relatives, acquaintances, or fellow students! Our system will remember everyone who uses your promo code to place orders with us.

Once anyone in your team uses your promo code to place an order with us, he or she will automatically receive a discount as our first-time customer. Remember that your promo code is a great opportunity for your friends to enjoy our discounts!

Once the pay for the order, and the order is finished, you will receive 10% of the sum of this order to your account. You can withdraw this money to your account by means of PayPal or Wire Transfer or use it for your future orders with our company.

See, it is so easy! All you need is getting a promo code from us and sharing this code with everyone you know. The moment these people use your promo code or the link that you share online, they will be able to use our discounts, and you will receive 10% from the sum of their orders.