Writing a Successful Explanation Essay

Tips and Techniques for Writing a Successful Explanation Essay

If or when you are given an explanation essay to write, it means you will need to explain or describe something clearly to your readers. If it is the case you already know your audience, it is likely you will know what subject matter or topic is best to use and you will probably know how best to present this. A written piece of this type can have different purposes and can be aimed at different age groups. It is for this reason it is important to know how to write this type of essay to get a great result.

Carry Out Any Necessary Research

Any claims you make in an explanation essay should be supported with accurate factual information. You may, of course, already be very familiar with your subject matter. Undertaking a certain amount of research will, however, enable you to find additional material to give added weight to your written work. Furthermore, you should cite other scholars who have already investigated the same subject. Because of this, you need to allow sufficient time to gather the information you need, organize this in correct order, and decide what data is most important. 

Write Your Thesis Statement

Once you have done sufficient research, you need to consider which method is best to discuss your topic. Remember your primary task is providing your readers with detailed explanations in respect of your essay’s topic or question. In your mind, consider that you are going to discuss computer-based technologies. You could then focus your paper on how these technologies might be useful in your classroom. Your thesis statement could read, “Computers facilitate a more engaging learning environment and they enable students to share knowledge at a global level.” If you choose this, you should then explain how computers simplify and facilitate the process of learning.    

Create an Essay Outline

So that you do not overlook any important points, it is essential to create an essay-writing plan. This should help you present your information in logical order and to format your paper correctly. This stage of the process should not present any great difficulty.

Write Your Explanation Essay and Proofread It!

When your essay plan is complete, you can begin writing. Be careful to only use the materials and arguments you collected during the research phase. Do not be tempted to include any information of your own. Where appropriate, use quotations. Lastly, proofread your written work, which means checking it for possible grammar errors. In fact, there are some useful tools on the Internet to help with spelling and grammar checking.