Wonderful Persuasive Essay: How to Impress Readers

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

A paper that is based on powerful evidence and focused on proving that one viewpoint is more credible than the other one is called a persuasive or argumentative essay. When creating such a work, it is necessary to convince readers to take your position on the discussed matter. Remember that the key statement of a persuasive essay should be supported with compelling arguments and hard facts. One should keep in mind that such a piece of writing should present a logical flow of information. In addition, it is worth citing fascinating examples and make references to scholars who have already researched the issue.

Clear Directions for Organizing Your Persuasive Essay

  1. Choose a viewpoint. Analyze the issue and illustrate a specific aspect you are going to cover. State what methods you will use to find an appropriate solution to the tackled problem. Clearly identify the purpose of your persuasive essay.
  2. Define the target audience. Try to predict whether readers share your opinion or not. Perhaps they will remain indifferent about the matter.
  3. Do research. In order to produce a solid paper, you need to examine the topic thoroughly and collect accurate data about the addressed problem. It is very helpful to talk to professionals in your field of study.
  4. Make a proper structure. Do your best to organize your paper logically. Remember to produce your paper in a way that will attract readers’ attention.

Major Steps in Formulating the Main Idea and Developing the Chief Argument

  • Be aware of the topic. You need to read a lot about the subject you are going to explore. Use only authoritative source. Write down useful information.
  • Create a solid thesis statement. It should present both sides of the issue. In order to make sure that one can contradict your opinion, write a thesis opposing to your viewpoint.
  • Oppose the contradictory points of view. Here, you need to prove that the viewpoints different from yours are invalid. If you want to achieve desirable effect, you need to analyze the opposing opinion and impart straightforward facts proving it is incorrect.
  • Back up your point of view with major arguments. Bear in mind that your ideas have to be logically connected and flow smoothly.

How to defend one’s position on the matter and support the main statement:

  • Provide examples: Remember it is required to give prime examples of the issue you are going to uphold. Therefore, your ideas will sound more persuasive.
  • Present undeniable facts: At this point, you need to provide the data you have collected when doing research. Additionally, you may describe your own experience and share your knowledge of the subject. Attention: do not confuse facts with general beliefs that cannot be supported with any evidence.
  • Give quotations: Presenting quotations from the academic works of experienced scholars will add credibility to your paper.
  • Provide statistical data: Be sure to refer to reliable sources which then should be cited.

Widespread Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Is it obligatory to wear a school uniform?
  • Abortion: who should make the final decision?
  • Anorexia as a psychological problem.

All the aforementioned topics are disputable. Thus, they are suitable for writing a good persuasive essay. Remember to choose an interesting subject for your paper.