Benjamin Franklin once said that there are two certainties in this world: death and taxes. But if you are a graduate student, you have undoubtedly added writing essays to this list. Thesis and dissertation papers are a requirement for graduating, so the tasks of doing research, collecting data, developing questionnaires, and analyzing the findings must be taken seriously. You must also have a complete understanding of the topic and be able to persuade your adviser and academic committee that your issue is worthy of further investigation.

But not every student has the time, English writing skills or ability to handle this. If you are having difficulty with your thesis and dissertation papers, there is an academic writing service that is fully committed to helping you achieve success: We are a leading provider of thesis and dissertation services for master’s and PhD candidates who study at American universities. For nearly 15 years, our highly educated team of scholars and researchers have been writing essays for students of every academic discipline and level. Technology has certainly changed since 2003, but our commitment to helping students succeed has not. Our clients include incoming college freshman who need help with writing their college letter of purpose all the way through 5th year PhD candidates who are seeking their doctorate degree.


Committed To Academic Excellence

The secret to our success at is that we leave no detail uncovered. It all starts with our writing team, of course. We only hire enthusiastic, passionate writers who produce the best writing imaginable. They are a diverse, successful group who come from every conceivable field and include business managers, lab researchers, psychologists, tourism specialists, and even professors. In fact, there is even a chance that professors from your university have worked for us! We also have writers who work during the day in Silicon Valley and type out spectacular computer science papers in the evenings. In a world that is in constant change, the only way to produce a perfect research paper or dissertation is to be fully cognizant of the new discoveries and breakthroughs.

Our extremely qualified writers are perfectly suited for any writing project because they are completely in the loop and as a result know exactly what topics merit further investigation and which academic journals and books should form the basis of any thesis or dissertation paper. In addition, we are a highly ethical academic writing company. We believe that a job is only worth doing if it is done right. This is why we have a team of professional editors who back up every piece of writing that our masterful experts produce. They proofread and edit every order and ensure that it follows our customer’s instructions to a tee. Even the greatest authors of today – whether it is Stephen King, George R.R. Martin, or J.K Rowling – use editors to make their works look their best. At, we understand how important it is to edit and polish up a paper. We also run every paper through the most current plagiarism software, which ensures that it is unique. Another benefit involves free revision (within 48 hours after the deadline). When you place an order for high-quality writing, you expect it to go in a certain direction. 

Planning for a major paper is a huge undertaking that requires months of preparation even before you have started writing the thesis or dissertation in earnest. This does not even take into account your other commitments that you have including your job and family. Of course, if you are an undergrad, we understand that a major part of attending college is to socialize and grow as a person. This is impossible if you are spending your nights burning the midnight oil just to turn in a paper that might earn you a C at best. This is why your best option is to entrust your academic work to the experts at Worried about your professor or university finding out? Let us put these concerns to rest. Our services are completely confidential, which means you will never have to worry about your identity being revealed. You will also take comfort in knowing that ordering a custom academic essay, research paper, thesis or dissertation is completely legal. When you purchase the paper, we surrender all of our intellectual proper rights and assign them to you, which means you have sole ownership of the writings contained within. You are welcome to use the paper as a guide for your own research or you are free to turn it in as your own work since it legally is.

There is a misunderstanding that the purpose of an academic writing service is to give students prewritten papers that are immediately available for download. If any company offers to sell these to you, please be aware that you could find yourself in academic jeopardy. A university is going to immediately know when an essay paper that is easy to find online is being substituted for original writing. The truth is, the only kind of essay, thesis paper or dissertation that will be acceptable to your professor is one that has been custom-written based on the specific objectives of your research. This is exactly what we provide our customers. We will not merely write a dissertation that vaguely touches upon the issues in the research proposal, they will specifically target the objectives. This means creating a literature review based on the most reliable and reputable academic sources found in scholarly journal databases such as JSTOR, personally crafting questionnaires to be sent out to prospective participants via email or SurveyMonkey, and creating an annotated bibliography that specifically demonstrates the relevance and credibility of the sources used in the research paper. We create dissertation papers that are thoroughly elaborate and convincing. The paper sections and subheadings will be structured based on the required guidelines and the information will be organized in a logical manner. The entire process of collecting data, analyzing the results and finishing the paper with a compelling conclusion can be overwhelming, but for our professional writers it is like second nature. This is why investing in our affordable, high quality academic services is really the best decision you can make.

If you are a foreign student for whom English is not your first language, you already have the deck stacked against you. You may lack the confidence to write a thesis or dissertation. However, there is no escaping the fact that your professor and the committee are going to judge you against your native-English speaking peers. This hardly seems fair, but it is an unfortunate reality. When you hire a professional writer to handle the task, you will never have to worry about English grammar or spelling issues. Through the course of our existence, we have helped students from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, China, South Korea, India, and dozens of other countries earn their master’s and PhD degrees thanks to their wise decision to seek out our services. Why not join them and reap the rewards that a diploma from an American university can provide?

How to Order Thesis/Dissertation Chapter?
  • Fill in the order form, adding all the details about your Thesis/Dissertation Chapter.
  • Pay for the order and we receive a payment for it.
  • You can contact our professional support team.
  • Get your Thesis/Dissertation Chapter which will result in an excellent grade.

Our process

Today there are hundreds of academic writing services out there, but we are proud to say that back in 2003, we were among the first to offer high quality dissertation and thesis writing. Our long-standing success is evident in everything we produce. Those other companies cut corners and use sloppy, arbitrary methods. By contrast, we at have a deliberate, organized, streamlined process that ensures the best possible quality. Here is what happens from start to finish when you hire an expert writer to complete your assignments:

  1. The first step is to order our custom writing services. We have a user-friendly platform on our website that guides you through this process. We also have knowledgeable customer service team that would be happy to answer any of your questions. They can be contacted toll-free by phone, via Live Chat or email and are available 24/7, even on weekends and holidays. Once you carefully provide us with your instructions and make a secure payment, we will set about matching your order up with the most qualified writer. They will fully understand your needs and vision, which means the end result will be a paper that meets all of your expectations.
  2. You make a secure payment. We recognize that students are on a budget, which is why we do our best to offer the most affordable academic writing without sacrificing on its quality. In the name of transparency, we offer you a price quote so that you know exactly how much you’ll be before you order our services. We never tack on any hidden charges or mysterious fees. What you see is always what you pay and never a cent more!
  3. We will write an outline or framework for your paper, which will only get the green light once it gets your approval. Your research paper is likely to be the most important academic work you will ever submit. This is why we take the process of writing it so seriously.
  4. Your talented and creative writer begins to work their magic! They will work off of the outline or framework, develop several drafts that are checked by our quality assurance team to ensure that they follow all of the proper guidelines, and create an intriguing paper that gets you the grade you need!

*Note that while you are not required to be in touch with your writer at any point during the process, it is something we highly encourage if you are ordering a length research paper or dissertation. The best way to receive exactly what you need is to communicate and see that the paper is progressing exactly as you require, ensures that there are not any misunderstandings, and avoids the need to revise the paper once you receive the completed copy.

  1. You receive a full draft of the work by your specified deadline. If you like it, you are welcome to do whatever you wish with it, including submitting it as your own paper. Of course, if you need some modifications, we will take care of that for free!

No Other Company Can Match Our Services

We succeed in this cutthroat academic writing business because for more than a decade and a half we have been offering trustworthy academic writing that gets students the results they need. From our friendly customer support team to our talented writing specialists, our quality assurance team and editors, the use of the latest state-of-the-art plagiarism detection software, and our revision policy, our services simply cannot be beat. We offer our educational assistance packages at rock bottom prices and even offer discount programs for our loyal customers. You have a chance to communicate directly with your assigned writer, which guarantees that your project will go in the exact direction that you wish.

Were fully committed to helping you find success academically and in life. Imagine what a master’s degree or PhD can do for your future career! Prospective employers will be impressed when you show them your framed diploma from an American college or university. They will see that you took your academics seriously. But before you reach that point, you still have to graduate. This means submitting a research paper, thesis or dissertation that impresses your professor and the committee. To obtain this, hire a professional writer from to craft the perfect academic paper for you. We take pride in what we do and the fact that our feedback is overwhelming positive is a testament to this. When you need a custom paper at an affordable price, is the perfect solution. Order yours today and let us make your academic dreams come true together!

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