Thousands of people tend to lose their gadgets on the road and the number doesn’t seem to be decreasing. One traveler, known as Logan Albott, the CEO of a cellphone calling plans company is not an exception. You may think that as a person, who is an insider to the industry, he could have prevented the loss. But preventing the loss is not as important as the ability to reunite with your device sooner or later.

According to the survey of the electronic devices insurance company Asurion, almost 30 million phones a year are lost. According to Kaspersky company survey, only 50 percent of mobile users have an extra copy of the data from their devices, and almost 30 percent of people said they would never recover the data if they lose their mobile phone.

So, if you lose your phone while traveling, don’t get worried at once!

There is a possibility to find it following certain steps and recommendations. Even if you fail to find your phone you still can restore your data. The only difficulty, which you will have, is the purchase of a new device, of course.

You may ask why we mentioned Logan Albott in the beginning. The answer is that he had a very simple but rather effective plan for recovery.

  1. He bought a new iPhone in the Apple Store.
  2. He was able to recover all the data from his old one, because he had a backup on his iCloud.
  3. He had a password on his phone, so nobody was able to use his personal data.

How can you use this pattern? Simply by making daily copies of your data and creating a password beforehand.

Well… What Do I Do If I Lose My Phone While Traveling?

  • If you have lost your phone abroad, you have to call your mobile carrier for them to disable your account. If anyone makes calls or uses the data after the loss, you won’t be responsible for this.
  • You will need to replace your phone. You can do it in the nearest store. Buy a new SIM card and attach the new purchases to your existing account. Remember that different mobile companies have different requirements for account activating.

However, data recovery is a whole different process. Backing up to iCloud is not automatic, so you should definitely change this in the settings. For Google's Android, your contacts and data are synched with the cloud automatically, but try to always check the status of the synchronization process. Get familiar with those procedures before going on trip!

Is It Possible Not to Lose a Phone?

Remember to keep it close to yourself. Don’t be careless on the road! Always stay concentrated.
As a probable solution a Murray Belt can be used: a belt that should be worn around your upper body. It will keep your travel documents and devices safe.

You can also use another belt, which is called The PortaPocket WaistBelt & Pocket Kit. It has a series of different modules that are interchangeable to make a safe haven for the most precious and valuable things. 

The ESET workers recommend to stay calm if you find your phone missing. Remember first to get access to your phone by texting or calling it. Maybe you will not find it at that moment, but at least you will be able to learn its location.

Do I Have to Pack Anything Else?

Yes! According to the advice of various experts one of the ways to avoid the panic is to bring an extra phone with you. If you go with a friend you can use their phone in case of emergency, if you are a travelling mother you can use your children’s phones. But if you travel alone just get yourself an extra phone that is able to make calls and connect to the Wi-Fi hotspots.

How to Find Your Device

So, here are travelling tips when lost a phone. Follow them and stay in a good mood!

  • You need to find and activate a "find my phone" command. If you are using Android, check the Find My Device page. That’s how you will be able to know the last location of your phone. The Apple's Find My iPhone command works the same way.
  • You can also use a special tracker. Tile, which is one of the most popular trackers, is able to find your phone. If you double-press Tile, you can make your phone ring.
  • You should definitely try lost and found as the last option. A lot of companies, for example, Crowdfind, use different special technologies to make a catalog for the found items and help the owners to find them or just find the owners themselves. In the airports, airport patrons can help you on a 24/7 basis. You will have to give a password from your phone for the verification.


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