Most people associate Christmas with good and funny movies. However, there are many pictures that will delight fans of horror. Here is a list of the frightening Christmas movies.


The film is directed by Bob Clark and released in Canada. At one time, it did not attract much attention, but now it is considered a classic. On Christmas Eve, girls from campus get strange calls and start dying one by one.


This is another cult picture of the last century. It was scandalous. Many people did not accept the idea of the incarnation of Santa Claus in the role of a psychopath and a serial killer. The film eventually got four sequels, but they do not deserve attention.


This is a classic film from the past, shot in the UK. A character dressed in a Santa costume kill people on the party. Then the investigation begins, and people continue to die.


Perhaps this is the most successful Christmas horror movie. Probably because it is not a “meat grinder,” but a fantastic comedy for the whole family. It is worth mentioning that the author of the script is Chris Columbus, the director of the films “Home Alone” and three pictures about Harry Potter. This is a movie about cute furry animals that can behave very strange.


The main thing is not to confuse this film with the cute family drama of 1998. In this case, we have a classic horror movie. The prison car carries a maniac killer. On the way, an accident happens. A van collides with a government car that transports a secret cargo with experimental chemicals. These substances are able to revive the dead, but since there was almost nothing left of the criminal because of the accident, hellish mixture of his DNA and “chemistry” fell on the snow. As a result, a terrible snowman appears in the city.


This film is not very scary and bloody. It is a good comedy about the demon Santa. It turns out that this personage is not so kind. Many hundreds of years ago, he was forced to deliver gifts to children every year. But now Santa is ready to show his real essence.


It is not the most high-quality horror film with elements of a comedy about how the soul of the executed-maniac killer moves into the homemade cake. Moreover, the gingerbread man begins to terrorize the city. The movie has two sequels.

P2 2006

On the eve of the holiday, a young accountant Angela leaves the office. Suddenly, she is locked in a parking lot. The reason is not in any technical problems. The maniac (who turns out to be a long-time fan of the beauty) decides to kidnap her and celebrate Christmas together.


This is a rather strange film. As a result of industrial excavations in Finnish Lapland, Santa Claus is found on the site of an artificial hill. He is not a kind man, but an ancient demon who cooks naughty children in a cauldron and eats them. The characters who found “Santa” decide to sell it.

SINT 2010

This film is not a masterpiece, but it is a good horror movie. The picture tells of St. Nicholas, who is not a good old man in a red coat but a bloodthirsty killer. He begins a hunt for children on the night of December 25.


This is a film about a boy who accidentally caused Krampus' demonic spirit to come to those who misbehaved at Christmas. This is a fresh look at the horror genre and the Christmas movies.


Jack Skellington from the village of Halloween once gets into the village of Christmas, where he does not need to create daily horror stories. He liked this world. This animated musical cannot be called a traditional horror, but it is capable of scaring the audience. The protagonist Jack Skellington falls in love with the Christmas holiday and decides to take center stage in it, abducting the real Santa Claus.


This film combines seemingly incompatible things, such as an enchanting time of the Christmas holidays and sinister horrors. The plot is based on four thematic stories directly or indirectly related to the Christmas holiday. The first story tells about too curious schoolchildren, who decide to sneak into the place of a terrible crime, forgetting about caution in the affairs of interfering in gloomy secrets. The second line tells about a crafty businessman, ready to do anything to turn a profit. On Christmas Eve, he will meet with the terrible Krampus, the evil spirit that punishes the people who committed the misdeeds. The family from the third story decides to get the best Christmas tree in the forest. The final part of the storyline offers to witness the epic battle of Santa with hordes of zombie elves, which appeared as a result of accidental infection of one of the fabulous helpers.


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