Breathing has many healing functions, and if you understand how it performs at least some of them, your mind and body will get recharged and renewed. Each breath we take in and out serves to convert our energy: when we take in oxygen, red blood cells invigorate and carbon dioxide expels. All these processes help to get rid of metabolic waste products.
When you breathe deeply, the diaphragm drops down, the rib cage expands, and the lungs get more space for inflation. What is the purpose of breathing exercises? When you master this art of breathing deeply, your body receives more oxygen, which slows down the heart pace making you feel calm and relaxed.
Breath and body yoga helps to detoxify, release toxins, and, thus, strengthen the immune system.
Find at least a minute to breathe and feel how 3/4 of all your toxins get released from your body through the breaths. Carbon dioxide is a natural waste product of your body’s metabolism. The greatest benefit of deep breathing is that it helps the body systems to process metabolic waste products with increased efficiency.

1. Increase Energy with Deep Breathing

It is well-known that for normal functioning our cells require oxygen. Humans can live with no food for about 40 days and with no water for 3 days; however, we cannot live without breathing even several minutes. The conclusion is pretty simple: breathe – live.

2. Improve the Respiratory System with Deep Breathing

Another benefit of deep breathing is that it releases tensions in the diaphragm and other major breathing muscles. Moreover, it relieves many protracted respiratory issues like asthma. By breathing deeply, you help your chest to open up and, thus, release many tensions within your spine and bowel muscles, your posture gets more relaxed.

3. Calm the Nervous System with Deep Breathing

Breathing deeply you activate your parasympathetic nervous system and become more relaxed. Parasympathetic nervous system’s function is opposite to the sympathetic nervous system, which serves to stimulate different “fight-or-flight” activities.

4. Strengthen the Lymphatic System with Deep Breathing

The lymphatic system is known to depend on gravity, movements of muscles. Thus, one more benefit of deep breathing is to keep moving in order to keep the body cleansed. When you breathe deeply, you get your body protected from viruses, bacteria, etc.

5. Release Muscle Tension with Deep Breathing

Experiencing stressful or any other negative feelings like pain, anxiety, or anger, we breathe more shallowly and our muscles’ tissues get contracted. By trying to breathe deeply, you may help to release that.

6. Improve the Cardiovascular System with Deep Breathing

When you breathe deeply, together with the increased circulation it gives your heart, brain, and liver a massage effect. A study on patients with a heart attack states that among such patients there mostly are only those, who breathed with chest, with little use of the diaphragm. A different study proved that those patients, who have suffered a heart attack, stayed alive because they did exercises and have had breathed training.

7. Elevate the Digestive System with Deep Breathing

Some more benefits of deep breathing are the high blood flows in the digestive tract. It serves to encourage intestinal actions, to improve digestion altogether, and to alleviate all uncomfortable bowel syndrome. Additionally, when you breathe deeper, your nervous system gets calmer which also does well for your stomach.

8. Improve Our Mental State by Deep Breathing

Our abilities to relax, learn, focus, and memorize depend on how well we take breaths. Our brain needs pretty much oxygen for better functioning. The more breaths we take in, the more oxygen we get, and the more helpful it is to feel clear in mind and productive in body.

9. Look Young with Deep Breathing

They say that only happy faces are always much nicer than anxious, stressed, or angry ones. Even more pleasant news is that deep breathing helps to slow the process of aging because of the anti-aging hormone increased secretion!

What Cannot Deep Breathing Actually Do?

Briefly speaking, nothing. Deep breathing helps you feel always confident and get rid of all negative thoughts. It releases negative experiences and dramatic situations which kept you imprisoned subconsciously, and, instead, reveals you renewed emotional depths. Deep breathing makes you feel more aware and even helps you to grow spiritually with the aid of yoga and meditation practices, which have peaceful, calming, and contenting effects.

Breathing Patterns at Early Stages

Only few people know how to use their respiratory system and breathe effectively. We actually don’t use but 33% (a third of all our potential). Have a look at newborn babies when they are sleeping: pay attention to how their tiny bodies are breathing and how the whole process of breathing is performed. You will see that their backs, tummies, and chests are moving together, without any blockage.
Little kid, as a rule, breathes into his/her chest and belly. Each breath is taken consequently and reminds ocean waves drooping and drifting.
However, as you know human beings are all unique, and their breathing patterns are as much unique, they illustrate each person’s own story. Each and every human’s breathing pattern refers to a story which can embrace even some birth traumas, negative experiences in early childhood, abuse of the parental authorities, the negative influence of peers, teenage and adulthood fears.

What type of a breather are you?

There are three types of breathers: chest, belly, and midsection breathers. When you open and clear the limited breathing pattern, you let you breath be freer and easier.
You breath reflects your life flow. Opening and expanding your breath, you will get more power for the natural healing abilities of your body. The most important breathing muscles of our body are the diaphragm, intercostals, scalenes, and abdominals. Though some people breathe intensively with their upper chest muscles creating tensions there.
Everyone should always consider how they breathe as it is a metaphor for the way they live. It is evident that if they limit their breath, they complicate their natural flow. Just focus on getting the most out of deep breathing, and you will establish healthy relationships with your life powers. As soon as your creative flow is revived, you start nurturing your body and mind, and many fears and pains, the negative influences of toxins, and bad thoughts are all changed into peace, love, and joy.

Here is a little guide for you to learn some useful breathing patterns

Shallow Breathers

A person usually becomes a shallow breather experiencing some hard times and stressful situations. When they get depressed, do not have much rest, sleep, and appetite, but, on the contrary, have bad working days and naughty children. Breathing of people under much stress gets shallow. 

Chest Breathers

A person, who breathes in their upper chest, is considered to be a deep thinker spending too much time in their head. It’s usually due to a closed heart when you try to protect yourself and not get hurt.

Belly Breathers

A person who does not breathe in his/her belly is not that grounded but rather has his/her head in clouds. Belly breathers are always strong-willed and self-confident people. They are pretty much down-to-earth and pragmatic, more connected to their bodies.

Exercises for developing diaphragmatic breathing

The purpose of breathing exercises is to recharge your batteries, relax, and get your physical and mental health renewed and well-balanced.
Thus, to do these simplest exercises, you should first find yourself laying on the floor, on your back, having your legs arms relaxed, and comfortably spread along the body. Then place both hands below the rib cage, on your lower abdominals.
Focus on the inhaling and exhaling processes, keep track of the rising of your rib cage during each inhale and the falling of the rib cage during each exhale. You need to take some little pauses while breathing.
If you still do not feel how your belly breathes, you can try to bend your knees and keep your feet on the ground. Such a posture helps each breath to get right into the lower abdominals.
Do you feel how your belly rises and falls as you take in and out each breath? Just use your imagination and picture yourself while inhaling that you have a balloon or a ball inside which expands each time you breathe. That is what a deep diaphragmatic breath really is.

Good luck with developing such a useful ability breathe deeply as it brings so much good for you and takes so little effort and time. Just take a minute to breathe with breath and body yoga.


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