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As it is, it can be very difficult to get admitted into college at undergraduate or graduate level. What is even more difficult is working out how you are going to pay for your higher education. Grants and scholarships are two important ways of financing tuition. While most grants come from government sources, scholarships are awarded by private companies, charitable organizations, and scholarship organizations. To be awarded a scholarship, students are usually expected to write a successful scholarship essay.

This means examining a number of possible scholarship essay titles and choosing something suitable to write about. To help applicants get started, we have provided 25 possible topics – as well as some general topics and examples of essay questions – for you to consider:  

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Possible Scholarship Essay Titles:

Topics of a General Nature

  • Tell readers about you.
  • What are your reasons for wanting the scholarship you are applying for?
  • Why is education important to you and the community you live in?
  • From whom or what do you derive inspiration?
  • Describe an article or book you read and were inspired by.
  • What personal traits and characteristics do you possess i.e. ones that are likely to contribute to your academic endeavors and future career?
  • Would you consider yourself as someone with leadership qualities? Why do you think you have these qualities or why do you think you do not have them?
  • What solution would you suggest to resolve or improve an existing problem e.g. a problem with the current state of the economy, healthcare provision, discrimination, or some other issue that interests you?
  • Are there any changes you would like to make in the world to make it better?
  • Describe some particular thing you did that made a difference to the community you live in.

25 Titles to Engage the Readers of Your Scholarship Essay

  1. Your time as a volunteer: Describe how you took part in a charity project and helped people who are not as fortunate as yourself.
  2. Your experiences of an impoverished childhood: How you conquered this adversity.
  3. Dreaming impossible dreams: How you achieved something you thought was impossible.
  4. Explain why you think modern students require and expect more from a college education than previous generations of students.
  5. How you were adopted: How you got the chance to try a whole world of new possibilities.
  6. Your world experiences: Describe how time spent volunteering abroad affected and changed your life.
  7. Living at a military base: Explain why you think time in the military is beneficial in higher-level education.
  8. Learning to speak clearly: Explain how you discovered a new passion when you volunteered to work with an established speech therapist.
  9. A different type of education: Describe your attempts at entrepreneurship when you set up a small business during your high school years.
  10. How you learned from a master: How your life was changed under the instruction of an exceptional technology teacher.
  11. Your attempt at testing political waters: Your experience as a political activist.
  12. Why you decided to join the mathematics program as a graduate student.
  13. Future ambitions: How a degree in environmental studies will help you reduce world hunger.
  14. A new view of the world: How you survived the stringent rules of a military high school.
  15. Your hero role model: Your mom – caregiver, cook, chauffeur, artist, and wage earner all in one.
  16. Leaving home: Your journey to a new country, new world, new culture, and new language.
  17. How learning to swim taught you the importance of dedication and commitment.
  18. How science became your favourite subject and what society can or should do to encourage more female students into science, math, engineering, and technology.
  19. Emerging from your comfort zone to find new ideas, new dreams, and to meet new people.
  20. How diversity impacts colleges, college life, and workplace hiring practices.
  21. The financial reasons: How scholarships bump up the cost of college education and why a lot of students still need to apply for them in spite of this.
  22. Thinking out-of-the-box: Opening your eyes to new possibilities.
  23. Juggling a volunteer job with your love of sport: What a frantic few years taught you.
  24. Helping to end discrimination: How you worked with and tried to encourage different organizations to make their hiring procedures more diverse.
  25. Who your role models are and how they helped shape your future.

As well as topics of the more general type, you might also be asked about your background, influences in your life, personal accomplishments, long-term goals, financial circumstances, and similar questions in a scholarship application. As a way of checking out how much you know about current affairs and social matters, an application may contain questions about these areas. This part is also often used as a means of testing your ability to solve problems. The questions in a scholarship application tend to be designed to allow you to set out your vision and demonstrate your creativity and motivation levels. Essentially, the application questions give you chance to showcase the abilities and qualities you want to communicate to your reader(s).

Additional Examples of Scholarship Essays Questions:

Discipline or area of study

  • Why would you like to become a _______?
  • How do you think studying _______ will help you achieve your long and short-term career goals?

Current Affairs and Social Matters

  • What positive changes would you like to make in your own community if you were in a position or had authority to do so?
  • In your opinion, what are the current most urgent problems that modern society faces? Why do you think these problems are urgent?

Your Personal Accomplishments

  • Choose a special achievement or a unique attribute you have that distinguishes you from other candidates.
  • Include an example that demonstrates the leadership abilities you displayed at school, in your workplace, or in your community.

Your Background and Life Influences

  • Describe a person who has been had a big influence in your life so far, and explain why?
  • Select a specific experience you have had and describe how your development was influenced by this event.

Your Goals and Plans for the Future

  • How do you envisage your life to be in ten years’ time?
  • What are your short and long-term goals? Give a brief description.

Your Financial Circumstances

  • Outline any special family or personal circumstances that cause you to need financial help.
  • In financial terms, how will your future education be impacted by being awarded or refused the scholarship you are applying for?

While it is impossible to predict the exact essay questions you may be asked, it can help to know what the most usual ones are. This knowledge can provide you with an edge over other candidates. Start with a little brainstorming today and you should be in a good position to write great essays that are sure to show scholarship committee members your excellent qualities and that you deserve assistance.

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