Being an abstainer is pretty saving for a student’s budget. Have you ever given a thought to this simple idea? It is absolutely true that attending parties and not hitting the bottle makes you economize a great deal of money. Well, it does affect one’s expenses but to what extent?

Judging from my own experience, I would like to say that a year spent on campus without any alcohol at the parties helped me a lot, but I won’t state that I’ve got a fortune in this way.

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The English youth has got the reputation of party animals. In other words, they are the ones, who have the clubby nature and can drink a lot when a party is in its full swing. Officially, the law allows an intake of alcohol starting from the age of eighteen. While the reality is far from it and, in fact, teenagers try spirits when they are fifteen.

Therefore, students intaking hard stuff do not break the law. Every single occasion on campus is not to be without alcoholic drinks. It’s already a tradition to have various entertainments connected somehow with bevies. Probably, everyone is aware of the way the fresher’s week is celebrated and how much spirits are involved. So, it’s no secret how much guys, who spend their free time partying, could spend in a month or half of the year. Then, there’s not enough money to get on by and simply afford some food supplies for one. Some of my friends report blowing off up to £40 pro week. What is more, an informal survey was undertaken by TFD and it presents almost the same data.

Students are well known to be sustainable and cost-conscious. That is why they try to save as much as it is possible in a particular situation. For example, they buy cheap spirits in supermarkets before a night out. Those pre-drinks help to cut costs in the bar, as far as all the cocktails are usually overpriced there. Additionally, you’ll get more spending as it is required to pay for the entrance to a club and rescue oneself from a hideous hangover the day after.

Moreover, the consequences could be even worse. Just imagine how many classes have been skipped because of having those gets together.
Nevertheless, most commonly students are sensible at taking care of their spending at a party, but still there are some unexpected situations which lead to losing shirt.

It happened so that I’ve always preferred to stay a teetotaler at different social occasions. Entering a university hasn’t influenced my position anyways. I had a hope to say a great deal of money because of my non-spending at every single party. As a result, I’ve managed to save up a hundred each semester. The point is that the money you can spend on alcohol equals the outgiving on any other kinds of entertainment. Of course, there is always a discussion on fire between the drinking and non-drinking friends on the topic of expenses. But, the numbers almost equalizes for both sides because they just differently define the priorities and spend on different things. For example, you will give some extra money to treat yourself in a salon or a body shop.

Some of us choose to spend evenings in bars and having a drink, but there are those, who do not need to find an alternative. With this in mind, I’ve started jogging and a couple of other activities. It doesn’t mean you can’t join your friends hanging out in a club. However, it can’t be the only thing that will play the role of entertainment in your free time.

People around you and their way of life have an impact on the way you form your life position. There are high chances to be a part of this drinking culture, by the way, nobody says you can’t have a spirit drink sometimes. The thing is not to be carried away by such a way to spend free time. Apart from the damaging effect on your health, time management, and studying, it may also make a hole in your pocket. For sure, you may even spend more on other leisure time activities but they may be more advantageous. Being a newcomer on campus, get rid of all those stereotypes and decide on your own if it is necessary for you. Lastly, show your matureness taking care of your monthly spending and learning how to plan them in a beneficial way.

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