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Several vital points should be understood by an individual who seeks to buy essays thorough internet services. File copies and custom researches are the two fundamental classes of writing essays, which are sold by essay papers organizations. The difference between those two types of papers is that the first one has been written before for somebody else’s personal use, whereas the second one – is written according to the requirements and specifications of the customer.

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Buyers of file copies receive college essays of the below approved quality standard. This remains the key concern, because there are various reasons why these papers have poor quality. Market pressure affects most customers to be price-oriented, since they base their decision-making on the cost of the paper, rather than on its quality. The reason why quality of these papers does not comply with the required standards is because writers of these college essaysare poorly rewarded and are not motivated to produce papers of high quality.

The question is how can business organization that produces cheap papers of the low quality still keep on track and provide such purchase conditions for a long period? Consumer’s demand make these organizations survive, because each year big portion of students leave school and new number of people enters. This new number is not aware of the companies with such a poor quality production which makes these organizations provide substandard essay services.


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Moreover, customers of these “notorious” organizations do not know that they are charged such a cheap price for the paper, because the latter’s purpose is to be resold several times again. Real life friends ‘essay papers or tutor’s original materials could be these file copies papers on which the customer wastes money. In order to be certain in the authenticity of the ordered paper and that it will not be resold, a student should entrust his/her assignment with a highly-qualified writing essays company, whose policy prohibits it to resell these essays.

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