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Make your own list of nutrition research topics and use it when you have to decide what to write your academic paper about or have a look at the topics collected by expert writers and choose those which sound appealing for you. You are welcome to make use of the ideas and share yours!

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  1. Nutrition: what is it? Identify the most common assumptions about nutrition and provide the basic definitions and fundamental facts on the topic
  2. Typical problems with digestive system: causes and consequences. Mention such common disorders as diarrhea, heartburn, gallstones, GERD or Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease, constipation, hemorrhoids, IBS or Irritable Bowel Disease, gastritis, ulcerative disorders, Crohns disease, and others
  3. Fibers and starch. Healthy types of starch and triggering function of fibers
  4. Lipids: what are the health benefits? How are the cell membranes formed and how lipids can ensure energy reservation?
  5. Vegetarian diet: deficiencies and efficiency of diets
  6. Fasting and binge eating: reaction of the body
  7. Body fat: what diseases are related to that?
  8. Overweight vs. underweight: advantages and disadvantages
  9. Antioxidants: how do they prevent diseases?
  10. Osteoporosis prevention: role of calcium
  11. Functional food and phytochemicals. What help can they provide to people? Define functional foods and benefits it gives
  12. FAS or Foetal alcohol syndrome in those babies, whose got in tough with alcohol in the womb. How fast can alcohol penetrate the organism of an unborn baby during the pregnancy of a woman with alcoholism? What is fetus affected with? Which mental and cognitive disorders are characteristic in that case? 
  13. Chronic diseases and childhood obesity: is there any connection? 
  14. Multidisciplinary area of nutritional genomics. What is the effect of food on genes? What is the response from individual genetic differences to nutrients?
  15. Development of immunity system with nutrition. Peculiar features of interdependence between the food people eat and immunity system
  16. Inborn metabolism errors and enteral nutrition
  17. Multiple organ failure: how can it be treated? Role of protein breakdown
  18. Nutrition and allergy
  19. Connection between cardiometabolic syndrome and nutrition. Which food components can induce the syndrome?

A composed list of nutrition research topics is long, but it can be easily completed with others that correspond to the required area of study. If you are at a loss what to write about, just study some of the topics presented and get inspired! 

  1. Feeding disabilities and nutrition. How is it possible to ensure the prevention of gastroesophageal reflux? Role of nutritional therapies
  2. Losing weight through taking the least amount of carbohydrates possible
  3. Dangers of being overweight and underweight: are they different?
  4. The role of parents in the children’s nutrition
  5. It is the responsibility of schools to give to the students food of higher nutritious value
  6. Vegans cannot have healthy diet. Is this statement true?
  7. Moderate eating is the right way to health
  8. Exercise vs. good nutrition: what is more important? 
  9. Losing weight does not imply rejecting all fats. Is that right?
  10. There is no thorough understanding of the impact that nutrition has on a human body
  11. Trying to lose weight, a lot of people choose a wrong approach to nutrition
  12. It should be recommended to impose criminal responsibility for those parents who neglect their obligation to provide healthy food and nutritious diet for their children
  13. Obesity is the result of wrong nutritional habits, not the genes
  14. Schools should include more courses on proper nutrition for the young people
  15. The government should contribute to improving the nutrition for the society via making education and public awareness better
  16. People should know more about the consequences of poor diets and low quality nutrition; then, they will make more attempts to be healthy
  17. Making the unhealthy food more rational is the responsibility of the government
  18. There should be no advertisement of the companies with offer the children food with low nutritional value
  19. It would be useful to have valid nutritional information at the restaurants menu options
  20. The contribution of food companies in providing the customers with detailed nutritional information about the offered food products should be larger
  21. It is wring to blame the others for low awareness if the consumers can obtain all the information online

Your list of nutrition research topics can be different, but professional writers have prepared possible options for you to get some ideas from and write perfect academic papers to impress the readers.

  1. False food should be eaten not more than two times a month
  2. US nutritional standards: are they being broken by fast food companies?
  3. Vitamins: where can people get them?
  4. Can vitamin tablets replace exercising and a healthy diet?
  5. Consequences of poor nutrition. Why are you so aggressive today?
  6. Balanced diets: does everyone needs them? 
  7. What is the effect of healthy eating on your body now and in the future?
  8. Healthy food: what are your associations?
  9. Good Nutrition Month: is it time to celebrate?
  10. Nutrition: is there anything that you do not know about it?
  11. Can your diet be healthier?
  12. Is nutrition important for your body?
  13. At the global level, can people who merely survive have proper nourishment?
  14. Is cooking one of your hobbies?
  15. Present your typical one-day menu
  16. Emotions and physical state after having a healthy dinner
  17. Your perfect balanced diet: what would you like to have?
  18. Describe your favorite healthy meal?
  19. If you were a vegetable, what would it be?
  20. What is the typical amount of water you drink daily?
  21. Can you imagine yourself a vegetarian?
  22. What is tastier for you: fruit or vegetables?
  23. Is health related to an individual diet?
  24. What is more important:” exercise or diet?
  25. Are there any particular dietary rules in your family?

Our nutrition essay topics are thought-over and composed, taking into account all the aspects of successful writing. Make use of our ideas and excel in your nutrition studies!

Check the List of Nutrition Research Topics.

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