Nurses are often asked to submit a cover letter along with a CV or resume while applying for a new job position. Knowing how to write a nursing cover letter can not only help you stand out of the crowd but also land your dream job.

Nursing Cover Letter Format

Read the instructions carefully, sometimes employers tend to add or reduce information they would like to see in the cover letter from potential applicants.

  1. Vital Information: You name, contact information, contact information of the person who is going to read this letter.
  2. Greetings. Traditional Dear Mr.*** works well, however, if you do not know the name, go for Dear Hiring Manager
  3. Main Information. Specify the exact position you are applying for, where did you get information about employment opportunity and provide the information about your education and past employment. Focus more on the recent achievements, rather than something from the past.
  4. Call to Action. If you are interested in the position, do not wait for them to call you back, offer a meeting in your letter. Avoid vague ’Thanks for your time’.
  5. End clearly. Avoid banal ‘sincerely’, replacing it with another alternative. If you have some skills or accomplishments that do not fit the resume but can be a great addition, use the PS option.
  6. If you have any relevant volunteering experience (Doctors without borders, blood drives, etc.) make sure to include them in your cover letter as well.

Tips for Writing a Nursing Cover Letter

Apart from the obvious structure, there are certain things you can do to make your resume better fitting and catch attention of hiring manager.

Nursing Cover Letter

Cover Letter Guide

  • Career Objective

    To use professional knowledge, past leadership and work experience as development tool to better other people, the society, and my employer, through advancement in knowledge and hunger to learn and willingness to share knowledge and experience with others.

  • Academic Qualification

    I am a 25 years old , I hold Bachelor of science in Nursing (B.S.N) Graduate from the university of Pennsylvania.

  • Computer skills

    Certificate in Computer profficience

  • Personal Evaluation

    I am a hardworking extremely motivated person endowed with good Communication (written and oral), Analytical, Surginal, Treatment and patient handling. I have a past leadership demonstration as a Lead Trainer My knowledge and experience as a nurse has given me the brilliant capacity to multitask and handle challenging priorities easily while also delivering superior patient care and work experience as a Field Coordinator (HIV Prevention, Safe water and Livelihood Development Program- Canadian International Development Agency-CIDA) am also a person who is purpose driven, hard working, creative, a team player and result-oriented, who is able to set and meet targets and work under minimal supervision. I have vast experience in patient handling,Admision,Treatments,Education,Education,Occupation health and safety issues and Field Operations.

I am readily available and can work in any part of your organisation.

Yours Sincealy

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